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Alipay’s position is eroded by WeChat, the Chinese new year this year, grab the red war, Ali is very anxious. Ma Yuntiao came out to speak, but Ali was still killed by WeChat. Shanghai by the Alipay supermarket basically opened WeChat paid.

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reproduced below, self-knowledge, great God: Wang Yuancheng

when you run a Taobao off site, is often because of their links too much to one by one to click to view behind the products still exist, some Taobao stores by playing a little trick that we neglect. At first the high commission to attract part of Taobao customer promotion, when promotion time stable in 1 months or so, they will secretly removed the promotion of products, and do a "similar products" or "browse the product of the time to buy XX products in the left side of the page, promotion in this way we can flow into the trading volume, but apparently not?.

work, more and more Jingdong shopping, Taobao less and less. It’s not my personal problem. We don’t mind spending more than a few bucks on the morning orders and the afternoon delivery. Did you see the rookie logistics? At least the problem is not solved right now.

below and above roughly similar, when buyers through our promotion link came to the store, the seller will pass the packages bound to attract the attention of buyers, the choice of service packages, if you select a package service, jump promotion page, then we became free labour.

uses packages to form black links

some people say that this time, Ali shrinking pay cut event, indicating the advent of the Internet in winter. Is that the actual thing,


the Alibaba is worried today. Where’s the anxiety,

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is the most blatant deception delay to pay, the store pre hire someone to brush volume, brush the Commission, when others see their promotion when this product is selling, but later payment is not timely, deceive Taobao off labor. Therefore, when you choose to promote products, you can not blindly aspire to high commission, but also depends on the reputation of the other party and the recent payment commission.

one link to reduce the Commission issued

, maybe novice friends don’t know that there are so many tricky things to do with Taobao’s promotion. In fact, we often find something after some free work for others


free shelf goods, to create similar products

This means

After the

this year, Taobao’s focus is village Amoy, but the village Amoy actually slow progress. Ali health is actually chain pharmacies, Ali is still taking the idea of electricity supplier. Ma Yun is right. Alibaba a few years before too arrogant, but in fact the big company dawdle more. Alibaba puffiness, need to slow down and think. People are too impulsive. Ma Yun worthy of entrepreneurship godfather, this time or sober, but Ali too impetuous. 996 who wants to come out with the ass?

Ali cut the school’s quota from 3000 to 400. The school recruit channel is the order of "push – Intern – school recruit", and now push the channel has already occupied a part of the quota, Ali 800-1000 scale summer interns, only a few get offer, most people received message is pending. The reduction of school enrollment quota, a deeper reason may be the pressure brought about by the U. S. stock market.


Alibaba recently issued a campus recruitment of the latest notice we are very sorry to notice: due to the group’s talent strategy adjustment, 2016 Alibaba recruit school places determined would be cut, each post will implement more stringent standards of "merit", that is to say, according to the original places have a great chance of being admitted to the classmates. Now have to face more intense competition".

uses commission to attract promoters, but late payment is not timely,

like the picture above, a big wave this year to participate in Ali school recruit small partners have been crying faint in the toilet. This year, the Ali school recruit with all the graduating students played a big joke, said the enrollment expansion, now suddenly shrink recruit pay cut, how many people get offer fly. Can say, _, "all foam

Taobao, once the Wangzhuan holy land, can be said to support the numerous grassroots webmaster, but with the continuous upgrading of the search algorithm and the threshold for Ali platform upgrade, now Taobao off more and more difficult, because we should not only Guzhe drainage, but also consider the value of the problem, will only be simple reselling Baidu identified as spam sites was right down. Of course, this is not all Taobao customers now dilemma, in addition to the development of the limit, Taobao politicians tend to be "black", the Commission issued a do not know the unspoken rule novices could pay the effort but not return, because the transaction process is tricky – Taobao.

introduction: some people say that this time, Ali pull down pay cut event, indicating the advent of the Internet in winter. Is that the actual thing,

we all know that the Commission of the settlement depends on the order will be effective, and order generation, you must click on a specific promotion link, otherwise everything is useless. However, after the introduction of traffic Taobao shop, what we do not know. Some businesses will be settled in and give each other a buyer, and did not participate in the promotion of Taobao customer purchase link, as buyers, the same price, the same product in which to buy not buy, but Taobao for our passengers, for a link is equal to this single without our.

got a good idea of what happened next time, and wanted to add something. If only say Ali, then with the Internet cold winter has relations, but not much.

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