Digging is better than keeping peopleAs an entrepreneur blocking time and reputation did Li Yinan

The end result of the the job of people, a lot of enterprises is to love the high reward, high pay as bait, do everything possible from other companies, especially the enterprises in the same industry senior management personnel digging over. The reason is that these enterprises simply think, "foster people" cost huge cost, as well as "dig people" to save time and effort.

Human capital refers to the so-called

in addition, analysts believe that in 1990s the United States enterprise survey, for training employees $1 can get $50 in economic benefits. Motorola increased $4 million in staff training in 1992, adding 100 new training courses, and the company made a profit of $500 million.

undeniable, the efficiency of internal recommendation is indeed very high, but generally speaking, hired people and enterprise culture period will be very long. Therefore, if it is not the shortage of talent, or internal training is more cost-effective. There are people that counted this account: if the enterprise provides an entrepreneurial environment, give them a stage to display their talent is equal, the rate of return is equal, the difference between high and low cost in the appointment at the beginning of the headhunting company by the salary Commission, some up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of yuan, the cost is too high.

case has not yet been learned, but the story has not been told if it is evaluated from entrepreneur Li Yinan’s point of view. Entrepreneur Li Yinan’s dream, still in the Mavericks electric body continues.

almost everyone remembers the long, silent scene of Li Yinan’s emotional speech on the stage in June 1, 2015. For the comeback ceremony, he prepares his speech every day, while walking and eating, he also carries his words and gestures.

calf’s most lethal weapon is soul, Li Yinan. From the supply chain integration, team building to financing, "Li Yinan" three words are >


‘s first batch of Mavericks, N1, recalls the quality problems and lets buyers complain about the delivery cycle…… As a star start-up company, Dallas electric enjoy the radiant welfare, but also burdened with high expectations and low tolerance. The Mavericks came out like a bomb, hitting the traditional electric car players. The latter fought back and forth in the June counterattack, which was seen as "bullfighting" by the outside world".

Abstract: entrepreneur Li Yinan’s dream is still a continuation of the Mavericks electric. This is Li Yinan’s last venture, "betting on it, including time and its reputation."". So far, Li Yinan has not lost – although his fate is not in his hands.

from the follow-up in the Jingdong raised the public’s reaction, this strategy has achieved remarkable results. Half a month, the Mavericks electric N1 refresh all the chips Jingdong history, the public raised 72 million yuan in amount, became the largest in the history of Jingdong public raising projects. Taking into account the product before the release, the Mavericks electric already has $50 million financing, the main meaning of all chips may not lie in money, but a self certification.

on the evening of March 15th, according to Caixin reports, "on suspicion of insider trading, Li Yinan, 46, was tried in Shenzhen intermediate people’s Court on March 15th. Prosecutors allege that Li Yinan and his sister gained about 7000000 yuan through insider news. According to Caixin reporter, Li Yinan denied the prosecution allegations during the trial".

but now, back then, Li Yinan may not be enjoying this joy with his colleagues in the office. Of course, the Mavericks electric subsequently encountered market turmoil, Li Yinan is also absent.

when Li Yinan’s allegations of insider trading trial were confirmed, most of the story versions were centered around the fall of a gifted young man.

‘s debut is also a product of great pains. Mavericks N1 did not choose the design style of publicity, but take the sedate route. This is also Li Yinan’s proposition, the purpose is to allow products to be more people to accept.

, but in the eyes of investors, these are not enough to shake the calf’s fortress.

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