Why do these sites make more moneyBlogs can include shlf1314 ads and ways to set up blogs

method: Custom add HTML template. recommendation

profile: the same simple and practical popular blog network.

4. site name: dispatch and blog

station takes the address:

method: you can customize the blank panel, and then copy the ads on your other blogs and paste it in.

5. site name: webmaster tribe


brief introduction: shlf1314 own blog, very easy to apply for GG advertising,

1. site name: Mid wing blog

two website ranking is not high, but the owners not only won the promotion expenses of the WPS project, but also get the WPS monthly bonus, now please share their promotion methods!

A, cleverly combined with their own site location: Sunshine library gongwen100/

        the trick One: Home eye-catching advertising

     ;   trick two: highlight the "home editor special" to improve the user’s confidence

     ;   trick three: every sub page places eye-catching ads for users to download

two, fully use the occasion, Kingsoft Corp to provide resources — computer network:

        www.wps2005.cn ;     www.pc-web.cn/soft/office/

        computer network makes full use of the Kingsoft Corp to make web page webmaster 14 and WPS, and this stunt special pages renamed wps2005.cn / computer network, at present, the conversion rate is close to 50% active users, way ahead.

brief introduction: Adsense tribe uses oblog multi-user system, there are dozens of templates to choose from. Registration has 100 points, an article for 5 points, 500 points that is, you send 80 articles, you can bound your domain name. What are the benefits? For example, you have 1 yuan CN domain name, you can bound on this domain name! For users who do not have their own website, it is quite valuable!

station takes the address:

site address: blog.hexun

method: select the template, modify the template, and put the GG code in the right place. Note that the original code or element of the template cannot be deleted.

Demo: blog.sina.cn/u/1180499435


brief introduction: and dispatch blog not only launched advertising system, and blog accounts can go directly to the application, and will automatically advertise.

2. site name: shlf1314’s own blog seems slow

site address: blog.cnwing.net

6. site name: Day >

3. site name: Sina blog


site address: my.chinaz

Demo: blog.cnwing.net/blog.asp, name=zywb but the domain name seems to go to itself

Demo: hexun/dnyds/default.html

brief introduction: Sina blog popularity and traffic are not to say.

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