Entrepreneurial desire to subvert others Beware of your own house of cards Four skills Taobao needs

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in October 2015, after the media reported the company "down", the company will board was reorganized and compressed, the original director Schultz Kissinger and the older members of the company to the Advisory Committee and conducted a series of subsequent adjustment.


but all people are curious: how the startup can get so many heavyweight support? Someone according to the public information that Schultz, founder of Ms. Holmes met in the Hoover study by the Stanford University in July 2011, and the famous social activist and politician, Schultz became a director of the company since then in the month. The help of Schultz, this pioneering company can build the board so luxurious lineup. Reported that Schultz, Kissinger, Perry and Sam Nunn are researchers at the Hoover Institute, and several other directors also have a close relationship with Schultz.

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, but later, Theranos introduced more of the super rich, individuals and families including media mogul Murdoch and Riley Bechte, while the early VC investors seemed to be interested in the company

three: the choice of keywords is very important, with a block of

rough statistics, you can know the director of this start-up companies will then have six luxurious degree: the former government and ministerial level officials, two former military leaders, two leaders of the business community, two company’s management; member of the board of directors only two medical college graduates, and two directors have medical background in which is a former U.S. senator, and for many years without practice, that is only the United States Centers for Disease Control and prevention is a former director of medical professionals.

now do a lot of Taobao off site are transformed from the original Taobao API off site, so they thought there has been a free thinking, the template is free, the station program is free, so now the Internet Taobao customer is basically the same way, the Taobao customer nature to the user by professional recommended feeling, naturally it is difficult to believe.

requires a lot of skill, because a lot of people are very difficult to grasp this one, either a high commission, ignoring the website experience, or go to the other extreme, choose some of the not low commission products to promote, so hard every day to work for others. Awake! So the correct approach is to combine the high commission and moderate Commission again Taobao guest user experience! So it can guarantee a better marketing effect


October 16, 2015, the Wall Street journal published the article opened the media questioned the feasibility and accuracy of the startup blood test technology, then the media will immediately focus on the luxury board company’s lineup, a number of media disclosure of the month the startup is a member of the board of directors list:

if anyone in the start-up company’s board is a tycoon club, I’m afraid no one will be exaggerating.

, and in terms of investors, the early days of this company, like other Silicon Valley start-ups, financing from the VC, including: ATA, Ventures, DFJ de Feng Jie, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, and so on.

four: Taobao customer website design innovation

: a web site and other forms of innovation into Taobao

! Taobao

, a nearly unprecedented board of directors in start-up companies,

millionThe guest

if you haven’t heard of Theranos yet, then believe that after reading this article, you’ll have a hard time forgetting the story of this medical startup.

two: choose high commission product promotion


two, startup’s unusual investor,

At present, Taobao !

guest Wangzhuan, this is one of the more popular mode of Wangzhuan, compared with the traditional flow of money demand will be a little higher, because Taobao customer needs not only need more traffic, traffic conversion rate, so in order to create a fast money Taobao guest website that will spend more effort, the following is four the author summarizes the techniques, we hope to be able to prepare for the guest Taobao webmaster friends help

customers are mainly in two ways, one is the Taobao customer code, the other is a dedicated Taobao customer code on the website, and even entire station is Taobao customer code, such as what the list, Taobao and so on are the inn recommended station Taobao customers, if there are in accordance with the these patterns to do so, then the possibility of success will be decreased, the correct method is combined with video, download software, with pictures and so on, these wonderful content can also be placed on their Taobao guest website, through the wonderful content to attract the majority of users to click on your Taobao custom code!

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