Zhu Xiaohu those running out projects tend to go wrong on these six things do Taobao monthly earn 3

on the contrary, I find that projects that really have potential are often left out of the way by most people.

, my conclusion is: first the guest not to buy advertising, to tell the truth there are many seemingly a lot of traffic sites are deceptive, a lot of boiling flow software, the number is modeled, few people will click on your ad.

China Internet in the past 15 years, any successful enterprise, A round of financing are very, very difficult, very painful. Why do these companies succeed? Because they have experienced financing difficulties, they know that financing is not easy, so every penny they spend is very careful.

wise remark of an experienced person to say.


I’m a college student. I bought online at the end of last semester. I happened to find a Taobao and found it was right for me. I started doing it. To imagine is very simple, that the promotion of this in their own side can promote many ah, should be very good money, so I started my career in amoy.

later, I accidentally saw a man through his website Amoy money, I have interest in. But to tell you the truth, I know nothing about the website, and I also learned something in the classroom. It’s still far from it, but I also do it with a stiff head. I figured, from the beginning to now made a total site on Taobao customers are not less than 6, there are two released, the other is not satisfied is to improve, do not know how to understand, from 0 to 6, indeed, he also spent too much time. I don’t know how many days I haven’t slept.

, for example, where to go, CC Zhuang Chenchao is really looking for all the investment institutions on the market, but no one believes that between sh419 and Ctrip can also come out of a platform. No one voted for him, we were his only TS.

do not want to keep what I have today, say what, feel good place for everyone to learn from you, don’t you help me good advice, we progress together. After all, we all work for one goal.

to do Amoy friends website, I have a few personal

For this

these entrepreneurs will not be in the initial time to get a lot of users, especially burning money to subsidize customers. Because they know, if the beginning of a large number of users disappointed, and then bring them back, the cost may be more than ten times. So try to experiment with yourself in a small area

one, financing is too easy,



so I also want you to think about whether the model of entrepreneurship is truly revolutionary, is there any other opponent who can’t imagine it,

For example,

most of the investors in the recovery disk when will think of such a problem: the early sought after by VC, project financing is very easy to project, but why not easy to run out? In this regard, Zhu Xiao Hu of Jinsha River venture capital found that apart from the mentality factors, appear this kind of phenomenon of start-up companies, is often the 6 aspects the problem.

everyone can understand the business model, in many cases, are simply offline model to move to the Internet, rather than make full use of the advantages of the Internet to subvert traditional industries. This model met the real revolutionary, make full use of the advantages of the Internet mode, is defenseless.

for instance down rock Mo Mo CEO out of financing, almost all investors including myself are also in the aftertaste 51 in do 100 million users, is in the second half of this year out of shock. Strangers make friends,

drops, most investors are in doubt, Uber starting from the car in the United States, why the taxi drops drop from the start? See the twenty fund, basically have seen, when he spent the money flow.

financing is too easy, often means that the business model is also very simple to understand, whether it is difficult to operate or copy difficulty.

1., don’t just taste it

at first, I promoted Taobao products by purchasing advertising positions. Ali mother is above the ad that specializes in selling, I spent more than a dozen dollars to buy a website advertising, and I did publicity pictures, and then placed on that site above. Began to put there, I do not care, did not care, and later landed a look, someone through my ad went in to buy the appropriate things, two pairs of commissions up to more than 30% of shoes, I earned more than 60 yuan, was very excited. The guest feel really simple, so simple to make money. So I started putting in more money to advertise on other websites. The total cost more than 100. As a result, I found that there was no income. Despite the large amount of traffic you buy, check the statistics, and the number of clicks per day is very small. Only then discovered that, originally I stepped on the dog shit.

, let me show you my grades: I think it’s OK, please keep looking. If you don’t, you’ll be kidding.

I know that in many people’s eyes are not what, but I know there are a lot of Amoy friends as my hope, these people can see.



of course, in addition to this most important factor, taking money easy or not will also affect the entrepreneur’s next step, and determine success or failure. Taking money too easily is one of the pitfalls for Entrepreneurs: it’s a lot of money to start spending lavishly – the biggest mistake.

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