The local station alert whether or not you are in for others to do the wedding dress

very late! And figure wangdage talked for a while, this is also determined to give his own domain name completely replaced, in order to comply with the brand and on the road to commercialization, I can only choose to replace the domain name. If I just do the wedding dress to help others.

other local station operation, regardless of classification, making friends, what is good, as long as you are a local station, you have to pay attention! Are you in for others to do the wedding dress?

why is

for others to do the wedding dress?

wood and wood have seen many local stations, all of them are classified information networks, and so on making friends, and so on navigation. This "XXX" stands for the local name, such as the Dongguan classified information network and the Dongguan navigation network.

these names will not be able to register companies or apply for trademarks in the future. Because it is a regional industry, it is prohibited to register. Not registered trademark can not get the protection of intellectual property rights in an area N of a certain information network so dating is very normal! Take the wooden station for example: use Baidu Search called dozens of Dongguan classified information network. Although the wooden wood stands in front of, have done for a long time, but the netizen really can not resolve. It’s easy to mix up. What am I, or are the other stops?.

like the original Guo Jie Inner Mongolia information network in order to establish the brand still decided as a warning for the future name as "zhaochafa" which is the reason Guo Jie is more clear.

This is just one of the drawbacks of

, more frightening is that if the local people suddenly have a lot of money to do this type of station, then advertising strong push, then you really for the others to do the wedding. Publicity for so long, whether you are new to the local station. Or did you do the local station for a long time?.

wood wood give you a suggestion: change a loud name, you will develop better. On the commercial road, there will be no obstruction.

For example:

wood will enable the "Dongguan regional brand" and "search" "Nanchang regional brand" "Baowang" "Shanghai regional brand" and "search"

"Inner Mongolia regional brand", "find, check, send"

this article is not what experience, can only be for the majority of local webmaster to mention a wake up. Don’t do the wedding dress for others


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