Novice webmaster SEOer on the website management and optimization included and ranking promotion

senior elders natural not to mention, each with a set of management site on their own way, I believe that this article has little effect on you, but I am also and we can share their experience, if you feel that this is too much for you, please don’t waste your time.

the occupation is a web designer, 90, in the web design industry also has more than 6 years of history, the code is usually done, not so deep insights for management of the site, but also began nearly two years of management and optimization of the website, the following took the movie station as an example.

believe that many novice like me, are the first from the film or fiction website started, because this kind of website within a larger capacity, especially in twenty-first Century, now the information age, every family has a computer, day, people began to enjoy the movie, so the station is very popular, coupled with mobile phone the tide, most people have several mobile phone novel website, but how can we do this, let your own web site, also remain at the user’s favorites.

, first of all, there is no doubt that the first step is to build the station:

station is the most basic, but also the core, the stability of the site, for later optimization and management is a crucial step, if your site is not open or open slowly, do not say Baidu is not included, the user will not be impatient, even our own management, is a headache things, believe that many civilians are deep.

selects the server, or the VPS, the virtual host. This point, mainly to see the webmaster their economic capacity, recommended to choose the strength of the webmaster server, because IP is independent, without worrying about other websites impact on their own; and we like this civilian webmaster, may choose VPS or virtual host virtual host, I am also choose to be honest. Then, I will see the virtual host sharing a headache, IP and others, more than 100 sites, the speed is really amazed, and, if the same IP, the website of others to be punished, we will follow the site to suffer, this is not conducive to the optimization of the SEO selection. I choose the virtual host, but also just to keep the station, first raise a few years, and then change the server a bit better, it is necessary. Choosing a server is still the best choice.

domain name selection. Domain names are important. People who have done business must know that the shop sign is the face of the customer. The design of the face is also crucial, and the names of the domain names and the signs are similar. A short, meaningful domain name will make it easier for users to accept and remember. And now, the choice of domain name, this is also a headache problem, can only blame us born too late, engaged in this line is too late, failed to catch up with the short domain name registration golden time. The following 5 basic cornet COM domain name is registered to a new domain name CC, a few years ago, now there is not much cornet, and CC domain COM domain name several times more expensive than.

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