was finally acquitted by Baidu

writing articles for the first time, writing is not good, but also hope you understand more, hey hey.

we specialize in PCB, copy board and so on. Hey, see a lot of people on the network promotion, said that in the first few rows name ah, how much traffic, has brought many benefits and so on, and listen to people say that group software allows you to easily put up, I bought a mass software, hey, ranking, I come, so it is very cool the mass, and the keyword density PCB copy board at home up to 25% (hey, I am who I am, rookie) did not expect to have violated the order under the system of Baidu, is still very cool mass, hey. The rankings really go up and continue tonight,


third days, oh. What about my website? After consulting with a lot of experts, I made a Baidu system. Being imprisoned. How to do? I don’t know where a word came from: "give you the money,


halo. I don’t give it to me. (hey, hey, I’m a rookie, who am I afraid of?). After reading a lot of related articles, I finally understand something. So we made the following adjustments:

1., the title, description, keywords, rearrange some of the smooth (no longer keywords, pile, cut, hey, hey.


2., the density of keywords arranged to 3%-4% or so (hey hey, read some of the experts wrote related articles);

3. enriches the content of the website and makes the homepage look very full (in fact, 20 to PCB knowledge articles);

Honest, hard

4. (Kua Zhang) submit your URL to some of the better quality, site classification directory;

5. again with a secret gimmick (on your rookie also secret gimmick "Khan") to engage in some quality of the chain.

after a few days of effort, hey hey, finally appeared on Baidu. The good thing didn’t last long, and the second day was gone. I checked it with site: (because I found the home page not in it again. It was depressing. It was like a good performance. You were released on parole, and closed again a day later……

suddenly flashes, the website, and then use another trick secret technique (halo, is also a secret network favorites, fart ah); 3 days later, hey, the website appeared again, and continue to do honest content on this website, and if it is a false release period, to today I believe the website Baidu was finally acquitted……

hey hey, writing is really not good, I hope the same rookie as I can see clearly, can help you!


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