From the site to optimize and promote the actual operation of the experience

in the Internet community has traces years, be engaged in the Internet, operators, network design company, a word "tired", with a few, "do not make money".

network marketing, domain name registration not long, but at present in the major search engines to get good included quantity, the chain weight and keywords ranking, and site visits daily to enhance the momentum quite optimistic. Below I share, the website from the website, website optimization to promotion personal experience.

The domain name was successfully registered in June 14th 08 (through the domain name query tool or on the new web site). The website was officially opened in July 16th 08 and has only been 40 Yu Tian’s time so far. Through the webmaster tools or search engine verification, chain in GOOGLE for 2380 records, included 602 record, YAHOO chain amount to 4112 records, included 3401 record, Baidu included amount for 439 records, the chain quantity is 367 records, Sogou included quantity is 2998 the chain for the record, 320 records. That’s a good result, isn’t it,


‘s ranking in search engines, such as Baidu

keyword 1: "promotion crack software", rank home page third

keyword two: "network marketing crack software", ranking home fourth

keyword three: "website promotion crack software", rank home page fourth

keyword four: "marketing crack software", ranking home fifth

and so on, Baidu ranking home key has more than 30 keywords, and there are a lot of keywords ranking, rising momentum is also quite strong. So, in the good rankings of the major search engines, brings a steady and growing amount of traffic to the home of Internet marketing, thanks to the SEO of the site, right?

according to the current traffic, my site every day for me to sell several members, can you give me a stable income every day, my income and my IP flow is proportional to the average of 1 IP could bring me the income of about 1.3 yuan.

well, not much bragging, the above effect, domain name registration date and flow, we can go to verify, the following specific describes my actual combat experience. The whole process mainly includes:

1 site

2, SEO optimization,

3 website promotion

well, I’ll introduce them in three separate directions.

, the first step.

choose domain name, this domain name, in general, can also, "good, come," take meaning, what kind of Web site is appropriate to do, go to domain name note!

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