How was elong trapped

recently, each big OTA has released its 2014 Q2 earnings, compared to the top two OTA industry Ctrip elong, eLong seems to sit dead "Millennium second child" ranking. Performance is:

1, the market share is far behind the industry leader, Ctrip

in the second quarter of 2014, online travel OTA market pattern is more stable, Ctrip ranked first in the market share of 48.9%, eLong ranked second in the market of 9.7%. Ctrip market accounted for 5 times elong, and even third, the same process and elong accounted for almost the same. Note there is no where to be counted in the OTA, if the platform to where it counted the OTA, eLong even smaller proportion.

2, Ctrip and elong revenue accounted for still maintained at 6 times, and no change;

from the first half of 2010, Ctrip and elong’s revenue ratio has been maintained at more than 6:1, only the lower first quarter of 2012, but in the second half of 2012 to follow up on Ctrip elong price war, the revenue gap re opened.

3, eLong lost again after 2012

to the second half of 2012 began a comprehensive follow-up Ctrip elong hotel price war, eLong this loss into a quagmire, and gradually expand the trend, but in the first half of 2012 mainly due to a slight profit from additional income in the same process to bring the 30 million breach of contract.

eLong CEO Cui Guangfu joined elong in 2007, and through reform and business focus, indeed for elong brought promising progress, let Cui Guangfu proud is:

1, eLong will continue from the loss of profits back to the state;

2, eLong market capitalization from Ctrip’s 1/14 upgrade to 1/5.

, and compared with the recent earnings and market capitalization, we found:

1, eLong re-enter after a loss in 2012, although the 2014 Q2 31 million 500 thousand quarter profit, but profit from lower cooperation with the way the 30 million breach of contract and sales and marketing expenses;

2, eLong market capitalization is still down for Ctrip’s 1/14, and has remained in this area.

eLong CEO, Cui Guangfu clearly understand, the industry only the first to obtain profits, second can only survive hard. As a born chaser, change elong second millennium, the fate of the only way to accelerate ahead of him, first bite, "seize the opportunity to turn overtaking when first". Cui Guangfu has brought the stage performance promotion for art dragon, in 2009, eLong successfully turned losses, and obtained a net profit of RMB 19 million 900 thousand yuan, becoming the first annual profit of elong established in ten years. Subsequently, in 2010, eLong once again achieved a net profit of 20 million 600 thousand yuan. In the meantime, in order to dig deep the hotel to book a field, Cui Guangfu sword goes >

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