What do Wangzhuan toil what was wrong

this post is for those who have their own grassroots webmaster and labor in exchange for a little bit of subsidies to people. Maybe I’m innocent enough, maybe someone else will I be childish, maybe the society is too dark, perhaps the honest man does not exist, this society is terrible for me ~ ~ ~

webmaster Trading Forum has become every day on the website, your website post update good love here will be your free time in exchange for a little labor income, often see such a member of the group and post bidding website, I try to do, the laws of the market is the first in the fruits of labor. I’ll let the administrator to add group I, but the first time I failed, after posting 500 of the work group will I T out of the group took me 1 days, then I am not discouraged to do the promotion work is to others forum registration, do I put my day the achievement has been to TXT format allows me to do, he said to the 10 small not be deleted only valid good I! ~ the second day I haven’t seen him in contact with him in a line.

I didn’t lose heart. I continued to look at the webmaster Trading Forum and found the website that directly contacted the webmaster to work directly, that is, the website http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-417763-1-1.html

below me

I have applied for the owner, webmaster said you made it pay day end, I saw the boy of his personal data of 23 years old, maybe I think only 23 years old not because dozens of pieces of money on, so I am full of confidence and fear of the finished, 200 posts to find webmaster. He gave me the result is sorry to you today not in financial, I want a new forum where financial ah, I dare not say, perhaps 2 people opened? So I asked what he said to your account to me tomorrow for you to pay Paul I Dazhang account for him. Looking forward to tomorrow, I didn’t dare ask him what to work today. I asked him to post now? He gave me the answer is, the more the better, I said my hair, then I asked him to give me the money yesterday.? you said you must buckle 20 posts, a total of 18 dollars, he said sorry to me sorry water, finance is estimated to be 1 to ~ my heart was cold

what I am offended or who I really was, always met a liar, liar ~ ~ don’t sell their labour is also guilty, it must get the swindler to you to patronize ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I just want to remind you that those who cheat because tens of dollars or a few dollars to their own personality to betray you still man,

a few bucks, no problem, I can not send too much, but I have less, he can go on, I realized that the Chinese people also have you like this beast, I really satisfied

Thank you very much for a

in the Trading Forum, give us a platform for the exchange of advice for Adsense exchange forum ~ ~ ~ ~ > Add

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