Adsense original article two or three things two soft Wen need to treat differently

in the previous article, webmaster original article two or three things (a): in the right attitude to the original, talked about the original article for the importance of the webmaster. Webmaster writing original article can be described as "never bored", in addition to sharing experience, exchange learning, the original article another important role is soft text. Also can say, the webmaster of the original article is mostly soft Wen nature. Compared to direct rigid advertising, first of all, soft text input cost is low. Now even the smallest advertising investment, to several hundred thousand a month. Personal stations grow up more in the start-up period, it is difficult to raise more funds for advertising investment. And soft text without cost, general Adsense unbearable high advertising costs. Secondly, the soft text can be published in the blog, forums, portals, and their own web site. Flexibility is high, first, play the role of publicity and promotion, increase the amount of hits and exposure; two, the article left links to play the role of the chain, to help the site was included in the search engine, improve the weight of the site.

is currently on the Internet, all kinds of soft Wen write released but the quality of writing them emerge in an endless stream, not neat, it is difficult to obtain good results. For the webmaster, master the soft writing skills is the hard truth. Some AdSense for Internet news site, experience, search engine optimization, promotion of a talk is talk rapidly, off the reel. But really call it written articles, and even soft text, because the text is not strong enough, the effect will be greatly reduced. Today, the Internet for the owners all kinds of soft training A new force suddenly rises. once organized stationmaster net, after the multi period soft writing and marketing training, the fourth stage is the joint station network group purchase platform ( had a group purchase activities, a strong response. Learn high-quality soft language writing and soft text marketing skills, not only have a solid writing skills, can be a profound understanding of the Internet and personal webmaster related information and knowledge. More need to understand the soft Wen on the basis of the nature, learn to soft Wen difference treatment.

soft Wen is the essence of soft advertising, that is, compared to rigid advertising, advertising will be more implicit expression of intent. The soft to do, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance soundlessly effect can be more accepted by the audience. In the process of conveying information, expressing ideas, sharing and communicating, quietly "incidentally" introduces the intention of promotion and your website to others. Logical. In order to better express the soft Wen intention, must clear the soft Wen release form, according to the different nature of the publishing channels and publishing methods to formulate the soft writing way, determine the soft text genre and subject matter.

autonomous publication of various forms of website submission

BBS as webmaster active main site, naturally is webmaster soft Wen promotion of the main position. At present, all kinds of webmaster BBS and it related BBS quantity is more, such as A5 BBS, behind the time BBS, webmaster home BBS is webmaster soft Wen promotion of good place. The forum is highly interactive and high popularity, the post is relatively free, as long as strictly abide by the relevant rules, promote the flexibility is very high. As long as

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