The 7 magic weapons for forum success

1, list

Many friends in the

forum, hope that involves many aspects, such as creative stand friends, hope to do creative sales, also do creative industry, is divided into network originality, also divided into dating sites and other sections, such as the local station friend, make friends, pictures, cartoons, car.. Cosmetology。。 Wait a minute, nothing will develop.


as our forum for the novice, it has not developed to a certain degree of webmaster, just started to take to the forum, forum type list, and we are now the forum form almost, one can let others see the post list directly to lure them to stay with post title, operating more simple, more convenient to browse, forum for the development of more rapid, the site itself does not have dozens of posts, but also divided into several sections, and certainly no one love, take the list to the forum, like this not only can let people see the first time on the website to update all posts, can also facilitate your reading.

this is a website form of problems, my total sub station forum, last year’s station, the year before last year’s station, the year before last year’s stop, this year’s station, all the forums I have taken this form, concise and not simple.

forum is not the more functions, the better, not the more complex the better, with the simplest form of network performance of the most complex content, that is, the highest level of the network.

2, team

There are two kinds of people on the

website, one is new, the other is just broke in, and the other is the person who likes the post on this forum.

in accordance with the webmaster for points, then divided into people who like the webmaster, do not like the webmaster, the new three categories.

is a website operation, not only to the operation of wealth, but it is more important to the operation of popularity, you look at your own station is not popular, not to see the numbers on the counter, but to ask yourself, how many people have you as a friend, but not as many people to you friends, when you are in trouble, how many people you take charge as chief of friend.

A team of

type operations, a website operation team, not only to make their friends a lot more, the key is that they have a lot of problems, a lot of problems directly will lead to the site owners to find lots of relevant information.

there is, when you are a team, you are not a person in the fighting there, you are a team leader, your capricious, your sense of responsibility will get a lot of exercise and improve.

tries to run everyone who likes your station to be your friend or your enemy.

3, unique in

a forum in order to get the greatest degree of attention, then it is necessary to put the BBS aura are locked to a person’s head, like this will be >!

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