Training industry website layout analysis from the customer’s point of view

network marketing is generally divided into so many categories: theme determination, competitor research, website layout, website promotion and so on four parts. In China, the theme of competitor research, website promotion and other aspects of the majority of owners have a certain degree of experience, but the observation of all the layout of the site, in addition to the high visibility of the site, most of the website is very weak in this regard. Because I am in the training industry (Chengdu Lawo Education) engaged in network marketing, so the training industry website layout and objectives to guide some research on "things" in his opinion page layout for everyone to share, please refer to is inadequate.

training industry is undoubtedly the earliest start prize.the, their website layout mostly they will emphasize as like as two peas, "authority", "professional", "long" these points, perhaps in our opinion these are speculation, advertisement type things, but in the training industry target in perspective, all of these is one of the ways to increase trust; and opening information, professional introduction and common FAQ must be in the forefront of the site, to the maximum extent of information to make a general introduction and active manufacturing problems (FAQ).

my present where the training institutions work, we layout with prize.the or have certain difference. Our research found that many of the target population is in a confused state, the main concern is not a good school (not attention), they are concerned about whether the training course will have a good development, it is more than money, so we first placed at the top of the website is the introduction, of course, our website in writing to be improved, many places can’t click "guide the target population advisory" button.

on the site of the middle part, we placed 4 columns, one is to let the target population feel our abilities, on the other hand, because of the training industry target population level is not the same, can read the text is not the same, I like in the "Baidu downtime let me understand the limitations of the SEO mentioned in the training industry" in some of our target population, even Google are not the word spelling, so in order to avoid because the copy caused by traffic loss, we deliberately put in the forefront of the column.

is the next employment star, the quality of teaching intuitive response to the school, it is actually the most conducive to improve the trust section, but we in employment is good, but there is no dedicated staff follow up, leading to a serious shortage of resources, this column is a pity! Although training schools are looking for active learning. But they still need a lively and lively learning environment, so the activities of students and the teaching environment will be fully displayed on the home page.

other kinds are basically the same as Beida Jade birds. I think, in the layout of the page, the essence of the idea is "standing in the customer’s point of view", just like a famous name

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