Method for rapidly improving QQ space access and liveness

QQ space has become the main position of media people, then how to quickly enhance the QQ space access and activity,


, first of all, tell me how to speed up your activity and share some skills.

1, multi point praise, multi comment

others release, say, log, to more praise, and more participation in the comments, so that more people will notice you.

2, good things to reprint

other people’s valuable information, to not reproduced to their QQ space to share with more people.

3, regular updates or log

regularly update, talk or log, to prove their existence. But don’t try to brush yourself away, or someone else will pull you black.

4, QQ space gifts

this function is free, when friends birthday, you can send cake or other gifts, and so close the relationship with friends.

how does that boost QQ space access,

?The first thing

needs to explain is that all of the above can promote spatial activity, and can enhance QQ space access to a certain extent.

share the following tips.

1, avatar settings

QQ space avatar settings more attractive, can attract more non friends attention. Color flow, for example.

2 and QQ space elaborately dressed

of course, it takes a little bit of money to dress up QQ space, but it’s definitely good value for money. Mr. Huang Zhong’s QQ space dress, we can refer to.

3, import traffic

through other platforms to QQ space traffic, it is equivalent to we do WeChat promotion, let others pay attention to our WeChat is a truth. Of course, this requires attractive content.

4 and QQ space push each other

QQ space and QQ push each other is similar, but more than one plus friends steps. Here, the QQ space pushes each other out of the process of adding friends, allowing visitors to read the content first and then decide whether to add friends or not.

5, regularly updated

this is the same as lifting space activity. It’s important to talk about the content of the journal. If it’s attractive and valuable information, people will naturally be aware of your space.

6, plus friends

, needless to say, everyone should understand.


a QQ" this sentence the true saying, I do not say, you know, ha ha.

7, write the space address

on the QQ data

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