King QQ group lecture sharing experience how to be a successful webmaster

you are good, I am Admin5 webmaster webmaster, first introduce myself, I figure the king, Mana Aki in the Ie=gb2312& bs=%D5%C2%D4%F8%BE%FC& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%D5%C2%D5%F7%BE%FC& ct=0   for 7 years I have been doing websites, personal websites, personal Adsense market in China touch Gunpa hits, including us now has a team of 30 people in the team, but we still personal webmaster, we have been doing personal webmaster related things.

why did I take the results of Baidu search?. Pay attention to this point. We do webmaster, to learn Baidu, don’t ask Baidu, all ask Baidu, Baidu what all have. Not advertising for Baidu. Because Baidu will be with our webmaster for life.

in the past few years, we have been constantly groping, and our team has done 300 sites. Also slowly give up, no matter from the Wangzhuan, or to the domain name registration, from television to the service industry websites have tried, now these websites have given up, to do Admin5, in order to give personal website to lay a solid foundation, to create the most powerful grassroots information service center, we present a month a new station training activities, and at the same time each month regularly organizes various QQ group lectures, and interactive activities between the webmaster, like we just finished ad game advertising creative. Wait。

we have held 2 China webmaster chess game 2 webmaster SEO contest, there are many webmaster between essay or other activities, we are currently 2 organizations around the country level city party webmaster (prepared 100). All this. Our goal is to twist one of our personal websites scattered around us. Let’s be a big family, learn from each other, share, communicate, and develop together. Adsense this industry is no historical experience, the webmaster is a new type of industry, only we keep talking, learning, can grow together quickly.

study together today, some have been successful, will do web site, there are a lot of people for the first time contact the site, or haven’t done the website. Our training doesn’t really make a good website, but it can give you a quick direction. After the training, we will also provide guidance for you permanently.

many people ask us, why we are to do this, it is not a loss, we are not your money, so we do the same, the site is to make money, but not for the purpose of making money, is to serve the first, after the service, will get the other invisible, intangible benefits and income. The purpose of training is to teach you a lot of Wangzhuan to earn.

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