Dai Renguang three suggestions on how to write a soft text

said the theory is dead, and only really to practice, and feel the soft Wen charm of people, can really understand the soft Wen’s writing. Soft Wen learning is difficult to accomplish overnight, how to improve the soft writing skills, here especially how to improve the soft Wen writing skills.

1: stick to blogging

Many of my friends feel soft, and their

definitely missed, because writing is really too bad, feel no text cell, actually a lot of people can’t write the main thing is do not know how to put your ideas into words, words basically no one is very bad, some people talk closely reasoned and well argued. But once let him write out but prohibitively difficult; so their problems is not the words not, but do not know how to use words to express it, so his words can be expressed in the text can be.

recommended to write a blog, write original blog, write every day, or two days to write an article, three days to write a can, to express something written down, as during the school teachers often say: "want to write well, write a diary every day", this sentence not without reason. I started blogging in 2009, registered the domain name with my name, and then started blogging, and I began to think it was painful to write. Mainly wrote about network marketing and e-commerce to promote the content of some of his own experience in an article, then submitted to the IT website platform up, at the beginning of the article did not notice, did not comment, even if someone comments are some sarcastic words, because I was writing are not many things, usually with the mouth to speak up but once really need to closely reasoned and well argued, going to write an article, but it really is a bit difficult, often writing an article, just return to God, found a lot of things left out. Others say it does not matter, to learn writing, must come up with "A dead mouse feels no cold" the courage to continue to write. Finally, the article is becoming more and more orderly. At this time, I found that many of them have become my loyal readers of the blog. Every time after a experience sharing this article, can be answered affirmatively, looking down and a positive comment, writing is becoming more and more confident, this time writing is no longer a grueling thing, but very enjoyable thing, after the practice of some aspects of online marketing things will wait are summarized, finally the rapid formation of an article published.

now the blog in the Internet industry or more people, in addition to the familiar network, I think it might also want to through the blog to record some of their own things, more important is to improve their writing skills, because this ability for the Internet industry practitioners is so important.

2: imitate other people’s success stories

innovation is the biggest driving force of network marketing, but any creation

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