Explore the website profit model personal Adsense entrepreneurial power and opportunities

to the webmaster’s future opportunities for entrepreneurship, Internet entrepreneurs in the small and medium-sized owners of the existing problems, here to share with you.

personal webmaster general problem

The history of the development of

‘s personal website has experienced several stages: before 2000 is mainly personal homepage; 2000 to 2002 before entering the initial stage of the development of personal website; 2002 to 2004 began to get some personal website advertising revenue, but 04 years a lot of personal website by the government supervision; has entered a new stage of specialization.

features of this stage is: on the one hand: the success of the website is less, small, scattered and weak is a true portrayal of personal websites at present; at the same time, a large number of personal websites, many problems, development is uneven in quality.

China’s personal website in the development process, the main problems encountered:

(1) lacks profit model

current personal website profit model relies mainly on network advertising, profit model is single, most personal websites do not make money, or even lose money.

(2) lack innovation ability,

most personal websites have similar content, lack of originality and personalized products and services, and the commercial value of personal websites is lower.

(3) lacks clear positioning

The advantages of

personal website mainly embody the specialty and the characteristic, many personal websites lack the overall plan and the definite localization, the website content is not many refinement.

(4) lack honesty consciousness,


personal websites have such problems as cheating users, clicking on advertisements, Alexa and search engines, cheating and deceiving advertisers.

(5) lack legal sense,

part of the personal website counterfeiting, piracy and infringement of intellectual property rights, alleged illegal content, only for immediate interests, ignoring long-term development.

(6) lack of venture capital

personal website lack angel investment, many good creative webmaster can not find suitable investors, hinder the further development of the website.

personal Adsense entrepreneurial power

IResearch, according to iResearch statistics, in 2006 the number of domestic websites at around 1 million, the development of China personal website is from spontaneous to conscious state, the current China personal website is in a critical period of development.

personal website can develop, we analyze the following key factors: interest, interest, fame and ambition. Specific can be refined as follows:

(1) economic stimulus: the personal website of the operating cost is not high, with advertising to value-added services revenue, are often able to produce good economic benefits, combined with personal webmaster efforts and struggle with personal income.

(2) >

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