Jiang Likun six tips to improve personal integrity

who do business comrades in the network, including network marketing, network promotion, market cooperation, public relations marketing and other aspects of friends, believe there is a experience: in the network, integrity is the first important, how to give each other the impression, can not let each other have a sense of trust, is the key to decide the success or failure of the business. Especially for the network promotion friends, all day long on the network and people deal with, more so. The author in more than seven years of Internet experience, most of the time is to do business related work, so in this respect also small heart, and today to discuss with you.

There are many ways for

to recommend integrity on the Internet, but first impressions are the most important. So today to share with you seven, ordinary people tend to ignore, but often in the first time will affect the other side of our confidence in how high the details.

1, real data,

now has a variety of network communications tools, such as QQ, MSN and so on. At the same time, communication platforms such as blogs, SNS and forums are also popular. And these tools, platforms, often need to let everyone enter personal data. For ordinary Internet users, can write, write, write Hu blind, but to want to establish the integrity of the friends through the Internet, must not be so, as far as possible to the real data. If it is for personal privacy or security concerns, you may not write or set it as confidential. But must not have false information, otherwise it will make other people’s impression of themselves greatly reduced. In other words, if a friend to everyone on the QQ, data is written in the youth girl of 28, finally I found that is incredibly young when his father,

will feel?

below says three data that must be authentic.

, A, name. His real name is afraid to say, not what to talk about integrity, if you can not say that the real name, real name column is blank.

, B, age. Not easy to write, it is blank, or just write the zodiac. If you want to write, don’t fake it.

, C, family name. Earth people for network Simon hate, do not want to say more.

2, real Avatar

is the best way to make a portrait of myself in real photos, and doing so will greatly increase confidence. The reason is simple. I look at the real picture. If it’s not convenient, you can use some cute and friendly pictures or a popular idol to make an avatar. Note that with the pictures of famous people as everyone knows no problem, but do not use some non celebrity: take the neighbor two dog photo as avatar, who knows who he is, do not know, that is my photo.

is the most taboo with specific photographs avatar, this very vulgar, and no difference between hybrid network. There is such a person I QQ, a little girl Tate’s husband, the photographs avatar, the personal data in the gender is still blank, often see this number, you just want to pull the black. In a word

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