Site maintenance three steps so that the site invincible

from 06 years of exposure to the Internet, and now has also done a few sites. Although not very successful, but I realized that exchanges can only find their own inadequacies, only two kinds of people working hard, one is the real master, in his money, to distract; another mouse many, many nights boil, but less effective, pay more, get less returns.

believe that most of our webmaster will not think that he is a master, but I think that their level is too low, too low. But I still have the courage to write and write my views on the maintenance of the site, the wrong place, I hope you criticize me. Also hope to give you some reference.

website maintenance, we can be divided into three parts: first, website structure maintenance; two, content maintenance; three, the chain maintenance

the first step website structure maintenance:

website structure maintenance, I think it can be considered as the maintenance of the chain. The structure of our website is to facilitate users to read and find, that is, to improve the user experience; the other is the optimization of the internal chain, which makes it easier for the search engine to index the content of the website. As a novice, when we design a website, it is impossible to design a perfect website architecture, which requires us to constantly grope for the needs of users and the increase of SEO knowledge. Of course, we say this is to maintain and modify some small details, the site of the big framework, do not easily change, this requires us at the beginning of the station will have overall planning. Often big changes will affect the old users of the site’s impression, but also reduce the search engine evaluation of the site, that is to reduce weight.

second step content maintenance

content maintenance, in this generally considered content is king of the times, the importance of content is self-evident. The second time when users come to your website and the first time to see the contents of the same may also come back third times (so that the user has very little), but the third content is not updated, then you will lose the loyal users. This is also part of the user experience. In addition to talk about search engines, many users believe that the website is the best fixed time every day, my own website also confirmed this view, for example my site every day is around nine update, every day more than Baidu spider will come. So, conditional website is better to be able to insist more. No, for anything else, we’ll do it to Baidu, the time officer. We’re not absent from work today, and we’re on time.

besides, we can count on Baidu. Google hot list. Some popular events / hot topics on the "search weathervane", select some topics related to your website, or publish content.

third step outside chain maintenance

chain maintenance, I think the chain is an integral part of the site maintenance. In the Internet, without the chain, our website is like an island in the sea. The chain is not only on the Internet this map marked your location, but also for the search engine this bus >

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