The principle and skill of purchasing virtual host on personal website

‘s five major principles for selecting a virtual host

1, first of all, as far as possible to choose a better reputation of the virtual host provider

2, select the host program type

you want

3, try to select those control panel features rich host space.

4, as far as possible to choose those technical support is better, better service quality of the site.

5, select the host model for their own, according to their actual conditions, choose the type of model suitable for their needs. Generally new website traffic and data volume is not big, you can buy a relatively small capacity space (100MB is enough), wait until the site traffic is large, and then upgrade or buy large space, so that more cost-effective.

‘s 5 technique for selecting a virtual host

1, the trial space does not match the actual space, try not to buy


2, try to find some metrics to see

3, make good use of search engine

4, visit the forum

5, check your host provider whether there is QQ group and other contact information, if you have, you can ask inside, or you can see other users of the host business comments. Because they are the official forum, so its content may have been collated, the positive article on less to see, the basic light to see the negative on it. It’s a very important job to find a reliable space for your love. You must never act rashly, need to think over and over again, and sometimes pay the price of money. United States County Internet provider.

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