Some ideas about Baidu optimization

Optimization of

related web page content has a lot of people expressed their views, but exactly what kind of improvements can promote the search engine ranking ascension? There is no one answer, to seriously implement only after you can slowly find that there will be what kind of effect. The following combination of my actual use of the process of getting some experience.

1, so that the title of the page is more perfect. It is self-evident page title role in the search engine ranking mechanism in the title to the weight, in my opinion, a successful title should have these features: A, a true reflection of the central idea of the page, the title and content of inconsistent writing is obviously wrong, it will make you lose your search engine trust, will also make more visitors lost. B, on the basis of A, the effort to design a more attractive title, a title containing highlights more often than you in the queue in front of the search results page has a higher click rate, with the click rate, your ranking will slowly be search engine attention, this kind of phenomenon once in love affair C, reasonable keyword density, not in the title don’t stack keywords, this means is too childish. You should be based on reasonable density control, and extend some of the relevant keywords, these effects can be set each other, stable ranking.

2, so that the summary fragment is more influential. Just as you read a letter, the letter outside the envelope largely determines whether or not you open the letter and continue reading. The same is true with search engines. You have to give a summary that is worth the attention of the search engines. It’s as important as the outline outlined in a primary composition. Combine the key words and the main content of the article into the abstract, there will be unexpected results.

3, write the content of the description appropriately. Although similar to Baidu now become very clever, can put aside the effective information describing parts directly to crawl the page, but the index is still using Google’s description of part of the title, so we should pay enough attention to our.

4, the appropriate optimization of the text content. The preceding items are important, but the real part should be the text. The first is the application of H1 tags, so far, H1 tags are still valid, but to use them properly, a page appears once is enough. Again is the beginning part of the text, keywords appear at the top of the page than appear behind have a better effect, because most web pages is an overview of the central idea in the first few words, search engine to give these words more weight in the judgement of the correlation. Again, use bold or italic to highlight keywords. There are links to text, you should be clear, although anchor text is very important in the link table for thousands of miles, but its importance is to be linked to a certain degree of credibility of the web page.

other optimizations include links to related articles at the end of the article, as well as using the PDF file as a link

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