You’re all wrong Red war WeChat did not win Ali or boss

yesterday, I dark horse released columnist Wang Dongfeng a text, "red war, Ali city is how to lose", WeChat read nearly 100 thousand, micro-blog forwarding volume is also quickly broken 2000. Many people write special challenges, contributes to the Ma Yunming grievance: who says Alipay lost it or the boss ah?. The following article provides a detailed answer from a financial perspective. It said: 1, Alipay holds the fund liquidation rights. 2, Yu Ebao has hundreds of billions of funds deposited. 3, mobile electricity supplier war is still unknown. So, Alipay or the boss. There are objections to this article also don’t hide, dark horse brother welcome, help you headlines



I’m a little open circle of friends to see the new year’s Eve, has found a circle of friends with WeChat red victory to various news articles, data Tencent inside the building, shake a breakthrough in how many billion, red transactions amounted to hundreds of millions, meet the eye everywhere.

There are a few

title of the article is that, "WeChat spent 2 days, Alipay took 8 years to bind bank card thing to do", "Ali city lost". This scene reminds me of December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the Japanese media since the Japanese victory, it took 2 days to build the U.S. military for many years to do the Pearl Harbor.

the western media are also touting how American cities have been lost. But as we all know, a few years later, the United States two atomic bombs on Japan hit the ground. Here I don’t want to discuss the struggle between Tencent and Ali and results, not from the business perspective and product experience perspective to analyze this field red war, I will take you from the financial point of view the red war.

Internet banking can be said to be 2013, 2014 or even 2015 is a big topic, but many people do not understand the basic principle of fog, whether it is traditional financial industry or the Internet industry, its basic principle is the same. The ultimate question of three philosophies: 1. Who are you? 2, where are you from? 3, where are you going? Finance is the same. The three basic questions of financial philosophy: 1. Where is money? 2. Where is money? 3. How about money?

1, where’s the money,


red war, where is the money? Of course in the WeChat red WeChat payment system, Alipay Alipay in the payment system in the course of red. If it’s a traditional bank, money is certainly in the bank.

We use WeChat

to bind the bank card to a friend, when red envelopes, is actually in their bank account money to WeChat, and WeChat has a book, from which you subtract 100 from your friend’s account, plus 100. And the role of the bank in which only acts as a courier, the money sent to WeChat door was stuck, and as to your money transfer to whom the bank is not aware of.

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