Zhu Yong industry station operation secret help you quickly become industry leader

industry station, as the name suggests, is the theme of the website, which is about a specific industry, and focuses on providing websites and information about the industry, such as sugar, steel, tour guides, etc.. Some people say that movies, models, games, tours and so on are also called industry stations, but I think this kind of website should go to the vertical theme station, which may be more accurate.

to do a good job in the industry, the first must have certain resources, no resources of the industry, station traffic is too high, can not fall, and produce no actual benefits. Some people may say that more traffic I put advertising ah, indeed, the targeted advertising industry, the industry chain enterprises in industries with high flow station advertising effect is very good, the price to be good than the search engine ranking bid, but I do not think the actual resources support industry operation is always the water without a source, no further expand, never inside the industry.

one, resources section

The author has done several

industry and have been successful, as the industry’s leading website, in this process, the importance of resource with deep feeling, today Zhu Yong and we talk about how to find the resources industry experience.

looking for industry resources, the most direct is to cooperate with local industry associations.

What is the

Industry Association: Industry Association said simply belongs to the 1.5 official organization is a link between the competent government agencies and enterprises, it is a non profitable organization, funding is the main association membership dues.

we do not underestimate the role of the association, after several years of exposure to realize that it is a resource integration platform, through which you can make use of the various members of the enterprise resources, enterprise integration, association and the website itself three party resources through the website platform, can be said to be a win-win situation.

in addition, generally every industry association has some branch in the association will be below, such as the Provincial Tourism Industry Association, the association, a tour guide Hotel Association, Restaurant Association and so on many branch, have horizontal contact each branch, so a branch as long as fix them, then get the resources is very much.

As for how to fix the

industry association that they agreed to cooperate to see to make the mare go.

two, planning chapter

has resources, it can be said that the line of work to get more than half, and then look at how the site’s online work carried out, the following industry station as a whole planning aspects of things.

industry authority information release platform

industry information is the core part of the industry website, timely and effective industry information is essential, it is necessary to retain visitors and establish industry leading position, it is going to make great efforts to do. In addition to collecting and collecting daily industry news, we should also review and analyze more important and representative news and information. Information access channels >

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