Tomorrow Star to be a good webmaster and career man

I was in Beijing for 08 years, just graduated from Beida, some work experience are not, is the United States’ ABC ‘boss took me in and gave me a lot of space and support, in order to thank him, my dedication to work, and to the site as their own to maintenance and management, management has international exhibition network and star Mommy postpartum recovery network, and spent a month to make website construction results, website ranking improved 1 million 200 thousand, PR value increased from 0 to 2., of course I plan to do a lot, here I am from a good employee and do a good webmaster and the webmaster some communication experience:

because the first entry into the workplace, it will inevitably be bullied by others, scolded by the boss and others by small reports. Because I tube web site, and the company’s business is to study abroad, frequent telephone contact, when many people see you every day sitting in front of a computer, do not move, they do not know what you do, don’t think you finish the work, some of the girls began to play your little report, boss came to talk, I will eat the grievances, from that day I also become smart, summed up the two points: 1. girls and, less contact, contact, computer has a problem, call you in the past, too much trouble. 2., nothing to do, telephone, in the office and colleagues door chat business, call big voice, let the leader hear. This is forced…

began to website content, the boss asked what I do what I love, but by analogy, this is every webmaster should have the ability to guess, the boss intentions, it is difficult to say, to be a good webmaster this is a must, I start every day to the old board to send mail, let the boss know what I do today, and put forward opinions and talk to him, of course our boss is very kind. But often, I feel that the boss will be tired, so I three difference five gave him the mail in the mail, and all the ‘you’ to refer to the organization’s statement is reasonable and feasible suggestion to make, use: do you think that? To ask for his advice, let him have do the feeling…

in the company, I always go to the first few, finally, let the leaders see, let everybody see, be good at the performance of their own, and very positive, the first to achieve a good workplace, and then begin our webmaster to talk about:


is a novice, and your ideas will be denied obstacles and a lot of people, but you have to stick to the thought of the place, and then out to see if they have opinions, webmaster creativity and thinking are very strong.

because the editorial department of the website, the design department, maintenance management, planning and promotion department, I am a person to perform. So when the site took only defined in the website function well, do more professional, to promote our company’s service objective, this is what the boss wants, then I will be diverted, have better development in the company, this is a must, if a website to allow a person to maintain.

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