Since the media people living today so difficult Zhanjie day what time to sell


from the media after the fire, WeChat and other platforms to become "HIGH field", it was pushed to the front of the capital, someone in the effort "ashore."". The current situation, while the "loaded" content, giggle and flirt selling information, to survive, to earn quick money, while the "powder" seeking attention, said the transition, looking for investment, in the confused about the future, all, after the breakthrough of the traditional "forbidden zone", "digital media, from form to value, from entertainment to business, while trying to sell, while worried rummage"……

since the end of 2013, more and more from the media is how much of this burst of financing, rely on micro-blog to build up the family fortunes worth millions, tens of millions of financing platform that rely on WeChat to become a successful entrepreneur, more and more traditional media, the Internet, the bottom of the industry practitioners began to be encouraged, have developed from the media, but since the second half of 2014, WeChat ban intensified, more and more enterprises feel confused, more and more new media practitioners feel confused, grass root more and more from the media practitioners feel confused, not matter asked, where is the future, since the era of media can continue to


now, from the media’s future is "ice and snow double day", which side is survival, which side is the road of no return?

what’s the media? No panties, stand and say,

"only 3 days has created" known ‘, the first day of the three page plan, second days and angel investors on investment, third days to find a desk, or was born! "Founder and CEO week computer training, when the source code farming, do remember who. Know almost from the media. Speaking of their own entrepreneurial process, Zhou source said that the first venture into about 1300000 yuan, and finally earned only 170 thousand yuan. Later, he traveled to Tibet to find the answer and returned to Beijing for the two time. Thus, at the end of 2010, borrowing a desk from someone else’s office, the "knowledge" began.

at that time, Tencent Inc has just launched a public account function, the opening of such accounts, means not only in WeChat to subscribe to the user to push articles, pictures and other content, you can also communicate directly with the subscribers. After playing with the public account for a while, he realized that the WeChat terminal is like a radio, and that he is like Roosevelt’s fireside chat, which can rally people’s hearts".

"know the daily" this model, known as the "self media" (WeMedia), the current China Mobile Internet popular new model. In fact, as early as 2003, the concept of "self media" has been proposed by American journalism researchers. Simply speaking, the general public uses digital technology to produce and disseminate content, just like the media. At the time, people didn’t know much about the media, but they were more familiar with the blog.

through blogs, anyone can upload text and pictures on their personal home page

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