Sum up experience talk about the strategy of B2B marketing

a successful B2B marketer is an enterprise that can effectively develop valuable B2B products and uses attractive and persuasive methods to present products effectively to customers’ businesses and individuals.

factors affecting customer purchase behavior:

one. Marketing stimulus: 1. products, 2. prices, 3. promotions,

external stimulus: 1. economy 2. technology

two. Buying customer characteristics: personal psychology,

three. Buyer decision making process:

1. raises the need for 2. collection of information, 3. evaluation, 4. decision to purchase 5. purchase behavior,

four. Purchase customer response:

1. product selection, 2. brand choice, 3. purchase timing and availability

because of the constant change of marketing environment, new products and new brands are constantly emerging, and customers must make the decision to purchase after collecting the information in many ways.

is the most important process for buying customer decisions:

causes the need to collect information, evaluate the program, decide purchase, purchase behavior, and after-sales service

network marketing is not equivalent to online sales, but not simply to establish corporate websites, network marketing is the use of Internet technology to maximize customer satisfaction, to achieve the effect of market development.

about my personal marketing, in fact, nothing, overall:

1. must make the customer feel what he says and what he does is for the benefit of the customer,

2. grabs the weakness he buys in his heart, and then stimulates his desire to buy

3. in private can talk to him about some of his hobbies, and his understanding of the site, through chat can narrow the distance between customers.

4. reflects the customer purchase behavior is in over the course of a 50%, then is our products exposition, not always say that our products are so good, that will make the customer feel you are kidding he is a cheat, also should have the spirit of the real Zhao Benshan fudge, let him feel that they really met.

5. act with some service and customer service, visit customers must always take the initiative, let him feel that you are in the care of his interests, this is the maintenance of the old customers, from where he can also provide us with a lot of customers.

and then formed a large marketing chain, marketing chain is no big group, and this is also very familiar with geometry multiplication. Hope that we can make good use of this geometry multiplication, seize this characteristic of him to get more returns!


hope everyone will comment and study together

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