Since the media do not snub your free users

has recently established its own pay circle, the VIP membership, from major media blogs. However, even if everyone has more fans, that is not to say that all fans will pay for you. A lot of people are like this, pay, I serve you, do not pay directly ignore you. What about your free user,


before, the article is free, the tutorial is free, and even some software, source code and other good things are free to share. But now, some articles do not pay, do not read, and some tutorials do not pay, not to learn, and some things do not pay, do not give you free sharing.

before, we encountered in the network what problems, you can say that everywhere in the network can encounter good hearted people, free to help you solve all kinds of problems, I have encountered a lot before. When I meet such people, I am very grateful to them, even if they do not want money, I will be hard to transfer them, expressed my gratitude.

at that time, I felt like the Internet was like this and should help each other. When you are in trouble, others help you solve it. When others are in trouble, you help others solve it. To this day, I can’t remember who helped me, and I don’t remember how many people I helped, and how many people will remember me.

a month ago, I also set up my own Shao Lianhu blog VIP membership, more than a month to 108 people, I feel okay. Since the establishment of VIP members, I no longer help users solve any problems free of charge, I do the site, online money, network promotion and other video tutorials, only my VIP members can see.

that time, I think I should help deserving friends, those who are willing to help me pay, because I feel these people know how to pay, can understand others is not easy, more worthy of us to help them. After all, my daily work is very busy, and I also want to spend my limited time to help those friends who deserve help.

more than a month’s time has gone by, I feel set up VIP members, many of my fans are separated, and they are also a bit strange. Am I too realistic to pay VIP membership? Do we have to be strangers? It’s been a long time, and I think it’s really bad for me to do that. Why do you have to let someone else join my VIP membership,


life is not easy, on the Internet desperately pay, get a VIP membership fee can be said to be forced by reality, not to earn money can not do it. But I don’t need all of the VIP members. There are so many people who would rather spend money talking with us, and many of them will be able to earn money online, and even if they do, they don’t need to study it.

I also know that a lot of friends who do online, as I did when the network is the same, very hard to force, there is no money, or unwilling to add one hundred yuan to my VIP membership. Me too

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