Station a day is Baidu included actual combat experience

I do is a guest website, because the level is limited, can not write master like you in this and a long and minute statement, I share my own experience, hope to have some reference for everyone. I basically have to do every day is to China Webmaster Station, Admin5 and take a look at, combined with everyone’s point of view, plus their own experience, in this, I say how I let Baidu a day included my web site. I don’t, the website is

my website called Amoy treasure, now feel very good, will register the domain name, select COM, the time is June 26th morning, everything is new, in general, according to the features of search engines need quite a long time to wait for your website, I can be second days, that is June 27th a check my site, are included, although included effect is not good, but I think in such a beginning, the future included effect will be very good. Here, let me tell you how I did it.

first, find a suitable program, the typical dynamic, dedecms, PHP168, phpcms and other mainstream programs, I have been using Dede, personally think that Dede is the most suitable for the station, Admin5 is the use of dream weaving program, it is said that Zhi Mengcheng ordered SEO to do more effect well, but my guest website due to special type of site, temporarily without the use of Dede, I would like to take Dede and the Tao program combined with in the future, the effect will be better.

second, the integrity of the web page when it comes to this, to emphasize the role of the site layout, a website must have a reasonable layout, to clean, inside the chain structure should be clear, otherwise the spider came after if there is a loop, it will resent your station, you want to stand there is a popular, web page design, try to use the DIV+CSS, may be a lot and I like the rookie will want to own DIV+CSS study is not good, can not produce the website, but no worries, my div+css is, I have to use as far as possible will be able to use DIV+CSS in place you can, not to the station DIV.

third, don’t rush to submit to the search engine. Next, to the connection, the chain is usually said, I think the chain weight high horizon and DoNews, of course, must pay attention to the hair even speaking skills, sentence expressing sincere, otherwise it is easy to be removed, the first page of the to complete the domain name registration in the afternoon, so the 3 chain, the second day was collected, indicating the effect of the chain and is strong.

above is my personal clumsy experience, with the above method, at least I stand to do, thank you in Admin5: let spider fall in love with us.

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