On the whole process of English SEOER optimization

met an English SEOER on the forum the day before yesterday. I feel very lucky, he introduced me to search engine optimization mentality is a specific way of thinking about online marketing and SEO, in order to achieve long-term, continuous search ranking first pages.

, this is a set of guidelines, and you’ll keep talking about how to use 26% filters, what to do and what you can’t do in the search engine optimization process. Almost every industry outside of search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization equals the number of people with access to 1 rankings for your web site in Google.

search engine, choose to exceed your site ranked first in Google. There are three main steps in the search engine optimization process:

first, like any business, you need for your niche (the audience) is not only the target and features you set up your website description of your audience, at this stage you can scout competition, and consider what you need to do, in order to dominate this particular niche.

second, do you take another step forward to allow your site to rank as high as possible in search engine keywords that are most likely to be used in this area?. It involves something of your own website (if you are setting up a new website, then you should make sure that it is search engine friendly from the bottom up), include on-site activities, process to realize the other sites link to your site.

third constantly tracks the progress of your site’s search engine to make adjustments to SEO strategies, if necessary.

let us also know that SEO is not.

online advertising (buying advertising traffic from other sites) is not search engine optimization (this is a website promotion, although advertising links can help your search engine rankings).

public relations (press releases, media), although not search engine optimization, can help search engine rankings.

builds a web site using a vulnerability search engine ranking algorithm on the first page of the selected keyword for a short period of time without a senior executive officer (i.e., search engine spam)

SEO is not a gimmick designed to drive X million visitors to your site within 24 hours.

SEO is not always free traffic – because every effective search engine optimization technology will allow you to sacrifice costs in vain.

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