A to survive a series of owners to decide on what path to follow

statement: This is a written opinion, if the inadequacies also please buckle mercy, do not burst foul language, who do not appreciate


is a hundred-percent grassroots webmaster, exactly who is a hundred-percent came from an old grassroots grassroots webmaster. Since its exposure to the Internet in 2000, dozens of sites have been built, and dozens of sites have been shut down. From the western free forum began to play free, domain free website system, I established five or six free two website. From 2005 the first established with the top-level domain BBS, now who have established dozens of independent websites. Unfortunately, these sites are basically closed.

I personally set up the main type is also the majority of the webmaster now or have built a web site. The main picture station, navigation station, station, station, non mainstream film forum, classified information station, from 2007 to 2008 is the best time to waste station operating income, things about thousands of dollars is normal at that time, there is a flow between ten thousand to one hundred thousand is a normal day. But since the beginning of 09 years, the state began to rectify the Internet, and I have experienced the same as the majority of the owners have been shut down the site of the process,


is the first picture station warning is vulgar website, a time of tens of thousands of beautiful pictures, pictures and other images, campus Belle Star Portrait website was closed, including the human body art website (but I did not dare to go from the beginning of human art). Is the pressure in the customers at the same time, the navigation station also severely hit, because as a webmaster navigation station is nothing more than we do in order to get traffic, we are in the grassroots without any capital, do not like these navigation station and hao123 and other large domestic navigation site compared to fight so! Mostly used method of walking, with some seductive words, give good position some traffic sites were, in exchange for this traffic station to import their own better quality flow, and because this approach leads to numerous navigation station was closed, I was running the two is that the navigation station was closed.

movie station, I will not say, the last thing whether it is new or old webmaster webmaster should remember? BT, eDonkey station directly down, which is also a round of talk we share? After coming out what CNTV, I don’t know what a CNTV is for the non mainstream station! It is generally safer. Maybe my luck is not good, then do the non mainstream collection stations were included in some text and pictures is more personalized, I remember that non mainstream station was closed because of a non mainstream beauty mirror their own self a photo, in this picture what are not exposed, just in a bathrobe, revealing more temptation eyes! But even so will be closed! Then the webmaster group often spread a picture to describe the time.

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