Definition and function of Web site navigation

site navigation and site map that unlike general form and unified content, site navigation is not in fact a very determined function or method, but a generic term, all forms of all can browse the website information, to facilitate users to access Web services and not to lose, in the whole process in the discovery the problem can be found in time online help are part of the site navigation system.


based navigation system is provided in the section below the section of the web site, can also further design of other auxiliary navigation means, such as a common form, set up a menu assisted by the following main menu in each column to show the user in the web page on the site in the position. Its form of expression is relatively simple, the general form is: home page > one level column > two stage column > three column > content page. Site maps can also be understood as part of the web navigation system. In addition, you can also set up a more functional navigation system, if necessary, you can always tell the user where the column and location.

The basic function of

navigation is to allow users to navigate the web without getting lost and can easily return to the home page and other related pages. This is such an important based on the fact that the vast majority of users (about 50-90%) are not through the home page of a web site by browsing each column and web content, if the user to a web site from a web page, without detailed navigation, the user is very easy to get lost in the web site. Whether the website navigation system is professional or not will affect the user’s feelings about the website, and it is also one of the important factors that can effectively transmit the website information to the user. Therefore, the website navigation system has become one of the basic indexes to evaluate whether the website is professional and whether it has network marketing orientation.

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