Do not sell more money Sell domain name wifi com because of good ownership

renamed Chinese ( April 29th news, it is reported that recently, the domain name industry best domain is the holder of specialty union founder Chen Donghong sold, the price is unknown.


: domain name site

learned that the domain name of the acquirer is Shanghai still Network Technology Co., Ltd., under the head of the group. "WiFi master key" is the company’s brand products, its official website enabled domain name

currently, "WiFi master key" did not change the original domain name, and domain name is enabled to build a station. It is understood that the specialty union founder Chen Donghong optimistic about WiFi passkey launched the international version of, and the domain name easy to remember, universal and iconic, is the preferred domain of the WiFi community, do not know whether the domain name will be used to build an international version of the WiFi manneungyulsoi


"wireless" domain name in August last year, Chen Donghong was purchased from abroad, in the acquisition to sell between, there must be many buyers about the "Acura" domain name. Asked why choose to sell to Shanghai even is network technology, Chen Donghong did not talk about money, but that the domain name in Shanghai still can maximize the value of the hand, if WiFi manneungyulsoi really launched the international version, to win glory for the country. Chen Donghong said that the industry competition is relatively large, and high input, the domain name is not suitable for start-up companies. He wants to find the best place for the domain name.

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