How to beautify your website with FLASH

today you introduced to the webmaster, how to use the most widely circulated on the Internet FLASH, to beautify our own website, blogs and forums, optimize our website, to retain more visitors, bring lasting access. Talk less and cut the subject.

today’s largest portal website of Sohu, and the world ranking Sina, open the two large website home page, the first thing we saw is that attracts thousands of people of FLASH advertising (do not believe you can try to open it).

that’s the first thing I want to say today: external calls to FLASH

does not mean outside the web, but something that does not belong to the site. In simple terms, that’s advertising. Why are FLASH ads so popular with these portals? We know that FLASH, the original translation, is flash, dazzling. When the founder named it, the phrase "FLASH" is the essence: flexible, prominent, dynamic,


usually we publish an ad on our site, whether by clicking or traffic to make money, and expect visitors to notice it. Because only won the attention of visitors, is to their site advertising value of gold. It is hard to imagine let our visitors a few more than ten seconds eyes are stuck in a rigid JPG, unless you are the contents of the above is really very attractive, but it is beyond the scope of our discussion (remember, FLASH animation is optimized) replace these static images is GIF and increasingly powerful FLASH. So what do we need to do to add FLASH to the site to beautify it? Or what kind of introduction can we do?


we have the strength to the webmaster, can make the original, this nature is best, the Internet today, the major search engines like the original, why? Because people need to be original, is that each site has its own fresh contents, rather than those in garbage collection station, I even want to serve as the thief station station (more than a noun is not I cheat on these sites of the original, ha ha). They steal the original site of the fruit in his collection station sky "flying" ads, browse to deceive the masses of visitors (at this point called the major search engines on the block, you are faithful to the vast number of users of the navigation. Believe in doing this well, you will receive more trust and support. Since original, I don’t make a long winded, you see do.

you don’t have this advantage, it will follow Mr. Lu Xun’s "ism", the 17173 UUU9, there are many respected FLASH AD sites are very generous, give us the mature collocation effect (reconsider, used to model more appropriate, often "give" we take the lead…… ) we are taking out the passion and enthusiasm of Lei Feng and going to the station of our dreams,


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