Do stand like a man behave yourself let your website always first

2009 began to contact the Internet, that time boyfriend told me, you write so good, write more articles, there is more to the NetEase, Sina, and so large websites registered blog, do not forget to add text. In retrospect, I knew nothing about the industry at that time. I do not understand, ask him, he said he went to research, do not understand, ask Baidu, go to the relevant forum to read information. It was really depressing at that time. Let me do it and not teach me. No way out。 Started, I did not understand, asked Baidu’s difficult road. In 2012 this year, she was soon 3 years, 3 years, leaving a lot of crooked road, it is the wrong way to let me step by step to grow up, know how to learn what knowledge do not understand, also know a few months later, I didn’t know what they are doing is called SEO optimization. The beginning of the stage of learning is really a hundred flavors of life have tried again, although boring, hard, a little, but it is really worth it, because I understand a lot of truth. Therefore, the professional website construction company in Shanghai co – Networking Xiao Zhang and we say that these years to do SEO optimization bit by bit, I hope to be involved in the early entry of the industry novice help.

first, do website, such as life, the right way is a shortcut to success

, a recent colleague’s friend, asked me. Why is your station always ranked first in Baidu, and I can not? In fact, the truth is very simple. From his website to today. The website has no control over it. Ask him some time ago. He doesn’t even remember his domain name. I think at this time. If this happens, websites can rank first. All of the sites are the first? Where so many first? I also see a lot of people worried in the famous forum to find the answer. How to quickly make your website successful?. So many people began to believe the so-called black chain, there is some mass tool collection tools, by means of cheating, etc. These awful. How can this be successful? You know, the laws and regulations of Baidu are getting better these days. If you still go to the website crooked ways is pulled into a dark room. We need to know that to be a website is to be a human being. The truth is the same. We need to go to the famous university, we must work harder than others to learn, down-to-earth, and over time, the famous university will come to shake hands with you. Let’s go to a good site and see the famous website. That one is not a step by step, and how much sweat they have paid, we do not know. But you know, success doesn’t come true. So, still good rules, do optimization.

second, a successful website needs to start from the basics,

we need to go through a slow, long process when we grow up. When we were born, we were small. You need to eat and exercise every day, and grow up as time goes by. The same is true of websites. The site is done in accordance with the rules of optimization. We need to step by step to optimize. No >

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