Analysis of grassroots network profit tactics

famous IT information website grassroots network (, IT, Internet information. Grass root webmaster very diligent, collect the industry’s fastest, latest and most extensive information, become one of the websites that many Internet practitioners must go up.

in admiration grassroots webmaster Zhang Chang super network technology at the same time, we have been questioned the profitability of this site. In terms of profitability, the site has the following disadvantages:

1, accurate content brings narrow audience. The station is only suitable for IT class advertising.

2, advertising limitations brought about by higher style. I can’t imagine the result of this station putting on the old medic’s advertisement.

3, the operation of the site belongs to pure information, unlike iResearch, Analysys, China as the main consulting, supplemented by web sites. In this way, a grassroots network Wangzhuan Huashan Road, profitable way is single.

however, careful study, we can see the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan work harder, adopt many means, so we see grassroots grassroots not perish, grow up every day. The main techniques are as follows:

1, site class ads.

2, Adsense interviews (some fees, some free of charge, may be kind to meet friends will be embarrassed).

3, text advertising. Grassroots network text advertising is more distinctive, put up the mouse out of a car that.

4, Google ad. Google advertising based on popularity, grassroots news hits are generally several thousand, Google’s advertising support is enough.

5 and IT recruitment information. This is the grass-roots network of the latest business, I am very optimistic about. Because the grassroots network accurate content will bring accurate practitioners, thereby enhancing the success rate of recruitment. However, this function is far from perfect, and the classification methods and indexing methods are still very elementary and need to be improved.

wildfire burns, spring breeze blows again. Grassroots spirit is the spirit of the webmaster, grassroots network is willing to profit, development, everbright.

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