An analysis of the current group buying market

in March, it is the best season of the year, everywhere a business scene, but for many group purchase sites, far from the end of the winter, they are facing the situation is still grim, hitherto unknown.

people often say that things change, the word used to buy the industry development process can be described as extremely appropriate. After the blowout type development in the first half of last year, group purchase industry in the doldrums, from once by four thousands of war to today’s neglected the gap is not big. Although it can be as early as in the group purchase unusually hot when he briefly stalemate after a group purchase market will reshuffle, the survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, but competition is so tragic or somewhat beyond expectation. According to the annual January group purchase market survey report released shows in the industry top three U.S. group, handle network, Wo Wo Group will occupy half of the country group purchase market, Matthew effect increasingly strong stronger and the weak weaker obviously.

with so many situation group purchase market, group purchase sites have begun to get involved in physical sales areas, to explore and spend much effort in this field, there are people in the industry believe that this shift in the traditional group purchase website business (such as Jingdong, Dangdang and other giants) made largely impact, however the author thinks otherwise. First of all, the traditional electricity suppliers, such as Jingdong, Su, Ningdu has launched its own channel to buy, so this area is by no means a blank, buy site in this area will face considerable challenges. In addition to the purchase channels, and traditional sales giant, group purchase website does not have any advantage in the purchase channels, they are also very difficult in a short period of time to develop their own purchase channels, to ensure the sale of goods price. Secondly, for the consumer group purchase website commodity credibility sales is compared with the traditional electricity providers, such as Jingdong, Dangdang and other giants after years of development has accumulated a huge customer groups, and consumers tend to in their familiar shopping site, so it is difficult to ensure the sales of group purchase website of goods sold. Finally, the group buying website as a sales platform, it is difficult to protect the after-sale problem of the product. When the product sold is difficult, it is difficult to solve, and this will directly affect the reputation of the website. To sum up, physical sales may be an extension of the way, but want to borrow the challenge of the traditional electricity supplier is not realistic.

so, facing the situation of breakthrough for ambush, when, how to break? I believe that it should return to the origin: everything for the consumer, only continue to improve the consumer experience to be in an invincible position.

first of all, pay attention to the selection and identification of goods and services. According to the survey, the current group buying, the proportion of repeat customers accounted for nearly half of the proportion. That is to say, if the consumer is in a group buying website to consume, for the service that obtains or the product that buys is satisfied, then he is very likely to choose this group to buy a website in the next group buying. In the current group buying market >

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