About local forum operation promotion

first I explain what I do is forum, Xiushui small fish community (a small town, which belongs to the Jiangxi Jiujiang the hometown of Huang Tingjian) I am not a it, I am an ordinary clothing designer, the network is only interested in a few days ago, last year, I do not play the Forum, is not playing, that is yesterday of last year, I also try to use the 5d6d forum, is the beginning of section is out of order, but I still desperately, but my little fish in a year, only 2600 members, but I personally feel okay, at least I know it I am here to learn a lot about the knowledge of the network, but I still have what the code, do not understand, just by others, but I still hard in school, a friend said I 16 hours a day in front of the computer, right , I is such a person, with computer than with his wife even longer, my time, I go to work ten hours a day, because the design, I use the computer, the computer can’t work on the Internet, it can only work on the site, the meal is the computer, do a station for years, I rarely go out to play, not to say, I have my promotion.

1, so far, I have QQ in the 134 groups, of course, is the two QQ QQ group, in the propaganda, I also had at least 100 Q, I choose the popular good, the number of the group, I put my address on their bulletin board, and then pay them to and because I don’t want this acquaintance, people working in the field, so I only use this way small fish propaganda.

2, name card promotion, it has been said, I was working in the field, in my hometown also has a familiar friend, recently so I once printed 2000 as large as the name card promotional cards, sent to friends that, then they are sent to the Internet friends that love, cost don’t you 2000 as long as 200 yuan, now do not know that there is no effect,

3, the introduction of local popular Association, like last year, we are a local bicycle association in our small fish community association, ride to Beijing, to the former residence of Chairman Mao, is riding for many days, 15 days to Beijing riding a bike, it can not only help to them, too we can provide the visibility of small fish, now when the table tennis association will join us small fish community.

4, on public service advertising: we in the local and a bus company to negotiate "advocate green Internet, build a harmonious home network" I will not say, so free of charge for our advertising, I only spent 200 far printing money, advertising is as follows:


propaganda method, I again. My station is: Xiushui small fish community: http://s.www.xiaoyu2.com/ my QQ is: 183917591 welcome to do local forum with the exchange, welcome to reprint.

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