Analysis on drug store market prospects

drugstore market prospects? Suitable for joining business investment? Many franchisees pay more attention to the industry, but for now the market situation is not very clear, if you want to hear some of professional advice, you can see with small make up, hope you can help.

Three major problems facing a drugstore,

cosmetics restricted problem: the State Food and Drug Administration will begin to rectify the "health number", "consumer brand", "famous makeup" in the pharmacy sales, clearly defined these types of products will not be mixed together with drug sales, the problem is serious, will be canceled the corresponding business qualification, revoke its "drug business license".

second policy problem is the State Food and Drug Administration will strengthen the drug management behavior supervision, prohibited drug retail enterprises transfer to any form of rent or counter. That is to say, the legitimacy of the cosmetics cabinet has been cancelled.

the consumer receives the problem

research data shows that consumers are willing to buy cosmetics in pharmacies and the proportion is less than 20%, that is how to solve the problem of tourist consumer drug store is the primary problem, if your cosmetics and cosmetics stores or supermarkets had little difference, consumers no reason to buy you to shop.

lack of professional sales staff

two, shop address differences, attract target customers of


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