How to retain repeat customers

is very concerned about the website’s traffic flow that high can explain and prove a lot of things, may at the beginning, to bring a lot of traffic, but the traffic is not stable, high low, why? Because these flows are real-time, the site back to head off a few. A web site to repeat what problems? As one of the persons in charge of the equipment manufacturing network, share some views with you here, hope to find the reasons that the solution, let the site "live".

1. How do you make customers repeat customers?

repeat customers on the importance of a site, personally feel that there is no ceiling. If a website wants to develop in the direction of profit, it must pay attention to the problem of repeat customers. The Internet changing information, users come to the site, usually came to the site through a search engine to search for certain keywords, ranking a information site may be at a certain moment in the search engine is very good, bring a lot of potential customers, they came to the site, after they want to see information on the left, 90% of users may not remember what he is searching for words, through what way came to the site, after they leave probably will not come again, unless you can ensure that your site rankings are very good information at any time.

so what can be done to get them back? Since they probably won’t come by themselves, we can only find ways to get in touch with them. The enterprise website can use some plug-in tools, when a user opens a web site a few seconds will automatically pop-up window to ask some customers asking whether or not to, according to their wishes, once the customer asked, you can try to retain the customer contact, email or online chat way is the best, can facilitate future contacts. Some platform website can use some subscriptions, when customers came to the site, after reading the information he needed, but also see a message: if you need to understand the dynamic aspects of the XX, you can subscribe to us, we will promptly send only with a certain aspect of dynamic information related to your mailbox. And so on, to obtain the user’s e-mail contact, leaving contact is the best way we can contact customers voluntarily.

two, to meet customer needs, in order to allow them to take the initiative to visit


customers come to your website for the first time and see something that makes them feel very useful, and some people will be happy to come back. Then, we have to meet some of the needs of users, so that they are willing to take the initiative to come. How to understand the user’s needs, which requires market research, through the market research data and results, to determine the basic needs of users, as far as possible to meet their needs. As for how to conduct market research, we are also actively exploring, welcome to have a good way to actively share the webmaster.

In addition to passively investigating the needs of users,

can also build its own website features, or become a web site brand. At the beginning of your website, you should know or understand it

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