How can you submit a SEO program perfectly

recently, my hospital has been looking for SEO director of operations, and I myself have been promoted to the Minister of the network, so the interview candidates have become my job. However, through interviews with several candidates over the past few days, I have found a very small problem, that is, no one has submitted a satisfactory SEO program. So I think it’s necessary for me to show you how to submit a SEO proposal perfectly.

Who is the

SEO program for?

SEO program is not only applied in job search above, it is also often applied to the stage of work summary, network optimization companies also need to submit SEO program to customers, only more able to move the hearts of customers and so on. So, first of all, I would like to remind all friends who want to be a SEO program, first of all, have a good peace of mind and think about who your SEO program is for.

remember before I did not formally participate in the SEO work, I was the first consideration for the SEO program is the user, followed by competitors. But since I started doing that, I suddenly found out before the idea turned out to be wrong, we must first consider the SEO scheme is not the user, not rivals, but should be the boss! Because SEO you plan to do better, more perfect, if the parties have not approved SEO you, then everything is zero.

so before you write the SEO project, you have to know who your solution is for, and here are a few small categories:

1, if

is the SEO candidates, your first consideration should be the object for your supervisor, usually this kind of person should can be said to have a better understanding of the SEO, then you should write what scheme.

2, if you are a network company, then your SEO program should first consider the object of those companies, business executives. And this kind of CEOs can be roughly divided into three groups of people: SEO completely do not understand, a smattering of knowledge of SEO, more proficient in SEO. For these three types of people, your SEO program should have its own focus, and only in this way can you win the business.

3, SEO if you are in charge of the company, then the SEO plan for your first consideration should be the manager of the company, and you should have a period of time before running long, this time you SEO scheme and the scheme is different with the candidates.

in short, before you write the SEO project, you really need to first think about what you plan to see, and then how to write the SEO program.

The purpose of making SEO scheme by

despite the fact that your SEO’s first consideration should be for the boss, the audience for any SEO program is actually

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