Discussion on the development prospect of local network

ran the website for a long time and suddenly remembered to be our local local network.

why did you choose the local network,


1. local network information classification fine, information fast


local network business website like Lushun we should strive to build it into a local portal and information collection.

3 information we have localized his Lushun information, all information can provide all the information of Lushun localization, if is a large site, can not go all the small information to refine the local, small information, is an important gateway to the local network, only the information quantification, website is promising.

4 update faster, local network business information information updated Arthur, local, all things can be found, so the local network development of a good future.

5 local network to develop, to collect local things every day, only the amount of information enough to achieve a real local network


www.lskou.com every day in the update to Port Arthur, new information, find new customers, this is the local network can do business, the child is father of the man aspect, finally, I hope everyone together to do local network, if a local network station, we can talk about it.

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