Baidu K the female stationmaster fell from the sky to the ground

after graduation to a newspaper reporter, the reporter, in the eyes of others is a wonderful feeling, but I think that the division of labor is different, the reporter is also very tired all day run to and fro. By chance, I met online a personal web site, may be the occupation problem, I do not know what is curious, and interested in the website, in the friend under the guidance of a personal website I released

!The sensitivity of

by virtue of their occupation, I carefully maintained their own website, the website of the other manuscript take over to edit, and then sent to their website, let a person feel is a first-hand material, so that love is well received by users, and users directly to the landing site, rather than by Baidu over the people many now know why Baidu love their own website, although they do not know what SEO, but then understand, "spider" thought of my article is original, so the recorded information is increasing, after this year, Baidu search has included more than 10000, IP maintained at 20 thousand every day so, I will encounter hot, changing ideas, search engines more. With the passage of time, I do not understand technology, look for a principle, every website is not updated, the updated content as is the focus, and to seize the hot keywords, transform problem, replace the attractive title.

however queer things in good times don’t last long, happened to me, I’m so sad! One day after work, I found that the major sites are reproduced in a manuscript, the title is basically the same: "female white-collar blog posted pornographic……" And so on, however, with my years of press editing, I immediately revised the title and changed it to: "naked agent F.B.I."……" Keywords and so on several subject up, at noon, see the website traffic, I was startled, as of noon the same day has exceeded 20 thousand IP, I searched for, was found to be a "naked agent F.B.I in the morning……" The article was collected by Baidu, search "naked agent F.B.I" when the keyword is the first page of the first line, the day’s traffic exceeded 40 thousand ip. However, this joy did not last 24 hours. On the morning of the second day, when I was again, I found my website was K. Immediately, I felt disappointed. Why? Who can tell me? A few times to write letters to Baidu, is back, but the content is the same, let me refer to Baidu included standard! I have no control over, in violation of the rules, write again, or so, back several times…… ! I was completely disappointed, hard to care of the website that has fallen! At a friend’s persuasion, I changed the space and domain name: the name, I feel very meaningful, is to do a "popular" website, do not show off, it seems that I should be the original site remark: the gun fight.

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