Explore the path of Blogging make a clear niche for Blogs

, this blog is a little bit different. "This blog is a bit of a mess." a lot of friends have been making such an exclamation when visiting loose blogs. How loose bright blog article what are, from the website of SEO technology to the network, the latest development, there is a bright individual love song song, funny video, and the original early relates to Jiezhuang software, finally is the loose light personal life.

                the loose article is indeed a small area, really. Heard friends sigh, loose light now feel to hear your friend’s opinion might not be a bad thing, loose light in these two days are also thinking about this issue, his blog really should think about the development of ideas, and the same period in the development of blog there are many already in a lot of the month silver, but loose bright blog every day now eat pine bright blood, let loose light support. Really, I decided to make a correction of the whole idea of the blog.

                  may have a lot of friends and loose light the situation now, in a blog for a long time did not give the blog a very good location, leading to his blog is not a normal professional blog here, the friend is very chaotic, to find their own often concerned about the contents of objective nature is also not clear, so your blog traffic naturally will not go up. Now relax and analyze the reasons for the blog.

                who is 1, your blog real readers? Loose bright blog visiting tourists mainly has the following several reading groups: (1), through the search engine came in, for a problem to solve. If this part of the group comes in and finds its own problem, it will go away. If your internal links related to the blog content to do better, this is likely to bring more traffic to your blog, of course, you also need to blog content objectively, this for more than a year to build a blog, if you are a new sites, you need to carefully plan. (2) a group that visits by other bloggers. Such readers, usually is to promote your blog (website), will come to your blog, your blog content to him just careless look over the subject of this paper, and the approximate content swept again, then in your blog footprints, waiting for you. The key to attracting this part of the reader is that your blog should have more specialized content so that he will come more often. (3) for reading your blog. This part of the reader is your blogger’s favorite fans, and he’ll always be

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