Since the media era the transformation of the owners do good

before the webmaster is a full-time or part-time website, and the website is the main work is collecting content and promotion, now the webmaster transformation, but still have to operate a website, but more on no matter where, because the focus has shifted from the media or other aspects, as long as you can in the network regular earn money is the webmaster transformation goal, now webmaster transformation have turned to go there, to the webmaster Q group chat about it, there is no public play WeChat operations, is to find a network with the related work, and some continue to do operations, other aspects of all kinds, in short is straight forward.

one, from the media

webmaster site already has some traffic, but the site, visitors recognize sites rarely recognize people, but now since the media do not the same, that is the personal brand, is to promote their own promotion, it is from the media to do a routine success, stationmaster itself is good at promotion because in the past, sad signature site have certain promotion experience? So the promotion is no problem, see to execute in place of it, the main force is the webmaster of the original content, there are many webmaster habits to write original articles every day, these is an advantage from the media, since the media is mainly after all write, so more and more Adsense transition from the media to do also with their own advantages.

two, play popular number

here refers to the popular QQ number, posing as general hotties or star, is to attract the attention of others, although insiders know that these are false, the stars everywhere people do and he (she) who ah, but most are amateur, especially students love Zhuixing, these people think is true, so the pretend star QQ, playing so popular, mainly recommend others to buy or sell the number of profit, profit, of course, advertising profits, more cattle a year profit is 10 million, exaggerated? On the ten million is popular to flow or real money, not how do you know to do.

three, micro business sellers

the use of their own advantages to sellers, Steamed Rice focus on a Chinese guy is also understand, QQ space in the circle of friends about the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, more natural hair is people with his network interrogation, then buy drugs there is Chinese herbal medicine, one day sales of nearly five thousand. This is just a case, to share, but inappropriate webmaster do, can only use this case to do other, analogy, sell your own specialty and so on.

four, public number operating


webmaster transformation public number very much, mostly people are playing WeChat users, where the money is there, where there is hope, is such a reason, there is a company with 200 million yuan to promote the public number, but also won the about 30000000 fans attention. But we can’t compare with local tyrant company, they have money, stationmaster has time, firm >

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