Small and beautiful content is a good tool to improve visitor experience

for a good site, its definition is not just to say whether it can provide visitors with valuable content, but also need to try to cater to different visitors reading preferences. For our site, the right content allows the operator to better layout the site, but also a good way to adapt to all visitors preferences, and thus provide better visitors experience.

from learning site to operation site, I read a lot of operators in talk about how to improve the quality of the content of the site, so as to improve the visitors experience. Although we know that high-quality content can help visitors to the site experience, but we must understand SEO and visitor experience still exists in the heart.

for example, we know that visitors are "lazy", they love simple explanation, and not love a long and minute statement, for search engines, with today’s technology can really understand a few pictures? The search engine is undoubtedly the more love is the content of the text.

here, I would like to the relationship between the content and the visitor views! First of all we want to know, our visitors can be roughly divided into three kinds, one is not love reading, love is a cursory reading of text, of course there is love to savor the text content of the visitors.

for the operator, we should compromise refining the text, let our text content "small and beautiful", to meet the content of most visitors like, namely: simple but not simple. So, what is small and beautiful content? In fact, let our visitors can quickly find the article key, but also have the readability. Here I will talk about how different types of visitors to make small and beautiful content of the site.

visitor 1: "I don’t want to look at the boring, boring stuff."

a content, whether long or short, does not make any sense to visitors who do not want to read it. Don’t want to read a text for visitors, a simple description of the comments, plus the beautifully illustrated picture can well meet their needs, which we see most often is a big business platform, such as Taobao, we can find that many stores are basically not do too much of the text statements, it is beautifully illustrated. As a matter of fact, for visitors, they don’t like to spend a lot of time talking about a product.

usually people who don’t like to read text will look for pictures and links. This type of visitors pay more attention to packaging, your picture will convey information than text more rich, over elaborate on the content of the text has become a burden, let visitors plan. However, as a common site, we still can not ignore the feeling of the search engine, for a brief overview of the content of text is a must, as long as the text does not affect visitors search and experience. The text is still essential. >

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