Promote the website and consider the issue from the CEO point of view

website should be clear, promotion website this link is the most important. However, this link is also the most likely to worry all links, do not know how to get to get to get to the site of the IP or the like to AD a day, site of the IP down, can not be a stable source of


was looking at the type of website, like the joy of discovering the new world. Hard days, finally put the station to do, just do not have a good domain name, then see 51 Shengdong Pang said a word, a good domain name is not propaganda. Feeling quite reasonable, I bought a domain name that I had already favored, and I don’t need to say that everyone knows what my website is for

in the website promotion, I also like everybody, go to many places to advertise. Baidu post bar, Baidu knows. A variety of forums, plus a large number of QQ group, every day to AD ah, every day to see statistics, it seems not ideal, a careful analysis found that the original choice of customers is wrong. I have a lot of advertising audience is not the webmaster, do not need to do the map. Found this, understand a little, website promotion and ordinary advertising in fact is the same, all want to consider their advertising receptor, like you go to elementary school to do car advertising, that is no effect.

found a mistake I want to advertise, I will send the advertisement place also changed, have become a webmaster forum, the daily workload is reduced a lot, look at the statistics, the heart is very happy, my IP higher than before, the happy heart. After every day to AD, ah, every day can also point IP, but not much. Because there are two days later because of personal things, not the Internet, also is not to look at the statistics, AD ah, take down the few poor IP, the heart is very painful, and in a webmaster BBS friends said my pain. He told me he had seen many times in my advertising, I also know the domain name, is the time to want to do when you find the nearest map connecting place a click into the website, do not want to enter the url. Why do so many people do simple LOGO? Aren’t they going to get PS? No, just for convenience, that’s for laziness. Lazy even the URL of the website are not input, the home page set to you most often on the site is also for this reason, don’t you know the URL? No, for when the Internet is convenient, is lazy. Just finished my work, I also whoever it is, whoever it is website? Do you want to eat the egg, is what chickens under? We talked for a long time that day, I found that the AD is not some useless advertisement. Listen to a long period of action. Then I changed the direction of promotion.

I’ve joined a lot of smaller webmaster forums and contacted their stations

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