The local shangmeng station O2O development

from the first day learning to use frontpage to do web pages, now has 11 years, A5 webmaster network has many years, how long can not remember, and five or six years should be some. During a long period of time because it is not on a web site, only occasionally look up today, and a few friends engage in a local business station, returning to A5, and then come back to see what we have good ideas and learn from you.


always in school, in recent years to attend to the construction site of the thing, do not know what O2O when suddenly a fire, as if overnight coming out, what the real estate network, ordering network, comment, a local forum, mostly around the land of every hue, or around O2O to engage in, like Taobao O2O wants to engage in a city version of Taobao, so that we can find the nearest one commodity. Now we should discuss the most is to do what type of O2O, how to profit?. I think O2O this thing because of the line service, so I want to do the hard, general webmaster basic can not be completed, it is only from the regional sites start to provide local service the city station is one of the best representatives of O2O? O2O in fact, from this point of view is not new, in a long time ago there was, but at that time, not now so fire; for me, I did 08 years in the local search network, because it was still in high school, it is too difficult to implement, so give up halfway.

because I’m in the local business alliance recently, so this time I’m going to talk about the problems and ideas I’ve had over this period of time. Our website is very simple, is to show business cooperation products and preferential prices on the Internet, look after the customer feel good, you can go directly to the store to buy there, and to get preferential customers must hold our membership card, this fee, we also think before the planning of the project site was the main profit point. To tell the truth, this profit is actually very low, with a membership card 30 yuan, a single card profit 25 pieces, then 1000 Zhang on 20 thousand. For the next line sales, sales of 1000 products, 20 thousand profit should not too much of it, but its drawback is that the city population is fixed, will inevitably lead to the sale amount of the card has a ceiling, even if 10% of the purchase of our card, for a small town of hundreds of thousands of little profit, than not the monthly income of over a million Taobao customers. Are you in the expert, I think you should see these what it did not think the prospect. We were thinking about it for a while, but it was not long before we found a new profit point, which I would say later. Because our project from planning to now, a total of more than 2 months, so most things are still relatively new, and here to share with you, but also hope that we can express their views and learn from each other.

team is equipped with: 1 technicians, 2 initial sales staff, and then joined 1, a total of three, the artist can say half, because a salesman part-time (>

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