Talking about the experience of purchasing program and host in A5 Forum

A5 Forum recently even by unscrupulous businessmen to shut down, has caused a sensation throughout the webmaster! Actually shut down other sites if not their own station, you may only say two "unfortunately". But the A5 forum is to China thousands on thousands of webmaster sorry! This is terrible, all IT professionals are beginning to complain, have begun to call the Ministry of information industry! Soon this problem is solved by the


a few days ago preparing for the forum, scouring several procedures, and found that A5 was closed! Very angry, began to complain about some soft text. But it was not long before the problem was overcome, I took a few lost and sad again returning to the open A5 forum, to Amoy program and host, because recently to do a few websites, in fact, Amoy program and host is a great learning. So here, let us explain to you:

host purchase experience:

in the A5 forum, there are many IDC manufacturers, a large number of perennial and global comparable to those in the A5 forum the station looks, because a lot of people to do the IDC, of course, because the IDC industry competition is intense, and do not say to those of ordinary IDC, together with the famous IDC are raised difficult steps. IDC industry market confusion is obvious to all, so in the purchase of the host must be polished eyes. Generally ask you to clear up two questions and then buy:

1. single line host with dual line or multi line host

IDC businesses commonly used trick is what double line, multi line virtual host, here we have to figure out what is multi line dual host. That is only a single line access. One of the telecom or Netcom Tietong a multi line or two. Just choose multi line access. To allow different users to enjoy high speed access. If the server is used for telecommunication lines. Internet users Netcom access is slower than for Telecom Internet business people. But double or multi line it is either single time Telecom or Netcom or Tietong user access are not user access to their service providers quickly.

2. managed leased bandwidth exclusive and shared difference problem

hosting providers provide bandwidth, now mainly has two forms, one is exclusive, such as exclusive, exclusive 10, 1 trillion trillion megabytes exclusive refers to this server, you can enjoy the bandwidth sharing with other servers, not disturbed others servers, the price is more expensive; another form the most common is fast sharing, as the name suggests, is a cabinet with 100M bandwidth for the cabinet all servers sharing (usually put a dozen, have put dozens of intestinal malicious), this is now the most common form, the lowest price, performance is also good, we look at the general server hosting sites are all quotations is this form to. It needs to be emphasized that exclusive and sharing are two different concepts, and the price of the two is not the same, even if the price is exclusive to 1M

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