Simple discussion on several problems easily neglected during the process of station work

as the Internet matures, we do a site cost is more and more small, it is because of this, we also tend to ignore some do stand in the process, we should focus on solving some problems, today to talk about it.

1. site planning

is a website finished, often cannot do without a series of planning, the choice of the domain name, the choice of space, the program template selection, and so on, these are easy to influence the future development of you to this website, so if you are doing long-term consideration, first of all you must take this a series of problems you get it sorted out, so that it will not be in the middle.

2. domain name selection

now register a domain name and the cost of getting smaller, but you want to register an appropriate domain name, but are not so easy, even so, we don’t need to choose a domain name, because it will directly affect your position on this site for future development, is very important, just like me now use the domain name 395 g com, the reason is because the domain name registration before the domain name is not particularly feel special meaning, seem to do what station are possible, but because of this, that I am using this name when the guest site, the name of the station is very difficult to take, because a website you want to do the best long-term plan, or one of the one and only the name of time longer, more conducive to the development of.

3. site template selection


for each program template matching is also very much, there is a word called more often is no choice, because of this, so many people love to choose a template, just go, well, suddenly feel love, change, a re installed, this to go and spend the time that is really a lot, often early together with you for Links people now have developed very well, which I have seen is a living example of Oh, watching people count the money, you will not even have the chance to regret, of course, this template that it is best to have a certain user experience, so that people come, we will come again for the second time, is also not so


4. site keyword positioning

when you put all this fix, the rest is to optimize the site, ready to do the promotion, then select several important with your site keywords, these can refer to Baidu index and Google keyword tool to choose, but I want to say is, when you put your TITLE, KEYWORDS etc. selected, you will never again change, especially in the Baidu included, my name is the most vivid example, although I now updated daily, but still did not change over the snapshot, depressed ah.

all of these are some of the problems we’re having in touch with each other, but if you don’t pay attention, it’s likely that your time will be spent on these

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